What's in your Online Cart today?

I really like these cases…


and I need to get more as I’m getting ready to move lol.

Also in my cart is a 3d printer I’m thinking of getting for materials that require an enclosure (ABS & ASA).

In my “I should buy this at some point” involve a camping pillow (which I should just head over to REI and buy one there instead of online), more filament for my 3d printer (better to wait for sales eh?), and PCBs for the 60% Topre PCB.

Nothing much on the keyboard front at the moment until after I move.

How about you all? Anything you’re planning on getting or deliberating about?


You do like that case a lot! I just noticed Amazon shaming you with that “Purchased 8 times” reminder like “Dude. You already own this.”

I keep thinking about buying various true wireless earbuds and then moving them to the “save for later” section in my cart. I hate the way earbuds tend to fall out of my ears, so looking for various options with good wing tips and or ear loops, but the selection is fairly limited when I throw in some demands for a quality sound that’s not overly bass-y.


tkl size? what fits well in this case?

how do you label those cases?

Finally have enough stuff to buy from LTT store


Gaffer tape and a white paint marker

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TKL size;

And for anyone curious;

Timestamp to see what fits well:


this helps a lot, ty. will keep looking out for norbaforce ideas/highly colorful cases. an orange one would be killer

Get a Nemo Fillo, REI has them on sale right now for labor day and they’re by far the best pillow you can get for camping. Over an inch of foam on top of the inflatable part makes them super comfy.

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I have a handful of things I’ve been holding off buying for one reason or another.

KBDFans Tiger Lite - Believe it or not, I have more than a dozen keyboards and not a single TKL. I know I need to decide on this soon but I also have 2 unbuilt boards, a board that absolutely needs to be unbuilt and rebuilt, a heavy grail on the way, and more keyboard chores than I want to think about right now. But man that transparent blue would go well with GMK TA 2015 :melting_face:

Gravitas Entry fountain pen - I’ve been eyeing this for a while. By all accounts, this shop does great machining work and I’m a big fan of anodized aluminum pens, but I don’t really need any more pens. Shockingly, I actually am capable of controlling myself from buying things when they aren’t keyboard related.

North Face Wawona 6 - I’ve been doing a lot of car camping lately and my tiny backpacking tent doesn’t have the creature comforts of these huge mammoths that you’d normally see in those campgrounds. But it’s a lot of money and my backpacking tent is honestly good enough; the only thing I really do in my tent is sleep and I could just get a tarp instead of having something with a huge vestibule like this.

Seagate Exos 14TB hard drives - 2 of the hard drives in my server are showing errors and I really need to replace them, but it’s going to be expensive and a lot of work. More than anything else on this list, this is something I actually need but I just don’t want to do it lol.

Junghans Max Bill Mega Solar - I decided I’m going to get this once I get promoted to lead engineer. Good motivation to do well at work :slight_smile:

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If a new place classifies as something you can have in an online cart…

I’m moving countries in a month (new job), so I (obviously) need a new place to live. I’ve been saving up my entire life for a good place, so I hope they don’t go to waste on this one :slight_smile:


At this point Amazon is like, “are you sure you don’t just want a subscription to these 12oz mason jars?”


On one hand, damn so much pathfinder 2e content for so cheap!

On the other hand, who the hell could I find to play Pathfinder 2e with :joy:

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Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 12.59.27 PM

For hecks and wiggles.

I have an NK65EE that I like, but nuclear orange is kind of a hard color to match, so this one coming with two cases is perfect.

As for what I’m going to do with the extra one…

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I’m really into concrete, architecture and design so this wets my whistle. Hard to justify pulling trigger so it has just been sitting in my cart for months.


I love this. What country are you moving to?

I pulled the trigger on a Keeb.io Iris on Saturday. I have a partial tear in my supraspinatus tendon in my right shoulder. I need to do whatever I can to improve my ergonomics. As a Software Engineering student and part-time Salesforce Admin (who is currently working on documentation), I type A LOT. Since it is my shoulder, back of my shoulder specifically, I’m hoping by reducing the shoulder rotation needed to type I can give it enough of a break and avoid surgery. Also, frosted acrylic with RGB underglow is a mood. Yes, I’m clicky gang, so there are Crystal Jades ordered as well. I was going to order some Boba U4T’s, but the only place I could find any was Ali Express. I’ll wait a little bit and see if they come back in stock with a small business vendor stateside. I still need to figure out what linears I want to try. I’m leaning towards the NK Creams. The Iris is hot-swappable (at least the one I ordered) and it will be my first full build. I’m way excited.


Boba U4 68g pearl top switches are available in single quantities from Ringer Keys right now. I just purchased 40 switches last night to top off my existing collection.

Arrrg. They are low stock again. It wouldn’t let me add more than 15 to the cart. The hunt continues. Thank you, though!

And apparently I’m not the only one.