Where to get a good wooden case?

I’m looking to put a hot swappable, RGB, wireless PCB (possibly one from a Keychron unless there are better options) into a wooden case.
Does anyone know where would be a good place to get a wooden case to fit a 104/108 key or 96 key layout?
Has anyone tried anything similar?

I’ve been thinking about getting this one sold by KBDfans.



I totally dig this biz’s work. Plus they’re top mount.


For the full size, YMDK usually has something worth considering.



There are generic, wooden 96 key cases on AliExpress that might work for a keychron 96 key. But there is no guarantee there will be room for a battery. Plus unless I am mistaken don’t keychrons have extra switches to toggle bluetooth and device on the outside of the case? No wooden case will have cut outs for those.


Ah – good point. They do.

Hmm at this point I’m just considering buying a router and crafting a wooden case myself.

I found a hefty 12AH battery to mount in it that’d be nifty to increase battery life (https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/pi-supply/PIS-1129/13283433)

Yup, I did that before for a friend. With a few measurements, it can go great.

If you’re willing to go for something a little bit smaller (KBD75 range) this guy has been making wooden cases for a long time and selling them through mech market:

I have a few of his cases and they are very nice.


Saved this a while ago, but I thought this shop had some cool wood cases - https://borinkei.com/keyboard-cases/amun2/


Oh these are quite nice. Thanks for the recommendation.
I wonder how the different wood types affect the sound. Maybe it depends on the wood hardness?

These are awesome looking. The resin is really unique looking. Thanks for the recommendation.


I’ve also been looking for a wooden case, preferably a 65% or 75% layout (something compact, but with arrow keys and pg up/dn). I found this old thread and another one, but I wanted to ask if anyone had any more recently released suggestions?

I found this (https://kbdfans.com/collections/case/products/65-wooden-case), however, it seems to be out of stock, as the site indicates a waiting list and notification sign up.

Amazing how after just a little over a year, nearly all of the above mentioned links are already dead.

I can’t speak for their 65%, but I like my walnut tofu (60%) from kbdfans. Have you tried emailing them or asking their discord server if they’re planning to re-run the 65?


They just replied to say that the wooden case is discontinued and that they do not have plans to restock it.

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