WhiteFox/NightFox Appreciation Thread

I don’t know what it is about the WhiteFox I have, but it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite boards I’ve ever used. It actually led me to purchase a new WhiteFox kit and NightFox kit for planned future builds.

In this thread, feel free to say what you enjoy most about these boards. What don’t you like? What would you like to see on them in the future?

Would also love to see all of your WhiteFox/NightFox boards out there and how you customized them.


I have a WhiteFox and I can say that I appreciate the build quality and presentation. As even my HHKB that I use as my daily driver leaves to be desired. However I don’t know why I have not used more frequently. It’s been in it’s case close to a month. I might take it out and start to use it again

DO IT! I keep flipping back and forth between my WhiteFox and HHKB at work, but the WhiteFox is starting to pull ahead, which really surprised me.

Even at home the WhiteFox is starting to overtake my Tina-A for being most used. The only issues I really have with it are the stock stabilizers and the Hako Trues, which all click now. Looking to fix both of these issues with my upcoming builds. Also picked up some pink GMK accent caps to replace the red keys on the NightFox.

What’s the thickness of the default keycaps?

They look just like the standard thick PBT. I don’t have calipers or anything, but my guess is close to the 1.5mm mark. Somebody please jump in if I’m off.

If they really are 1.5, then that’s pretty damn impressive.

GMK thick doubleshots are 1.45, and Realforce PBT is 1.00.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

If someone can precisely measure that’d be sweet. I just know I never find myself thinking that these keycaps aren’t thick enough.

As a potential buyer, is there any reason why should I prefer Whitefox over Clueboard?

Price is somewhat lower, this is plus I’m aware of.

It’s low profile, for some that’s a plus. For most, it’s not.

Not sure if the clueboard supports split back space. Never really looked into them

The Nightfox was my 2nd mech keeb, and it introduced me to programming and customising layouts. I’ve since moved on to ortho now, but I deeply enjoyed its sleek industrial design and intelligent little tweaks to make typing a truly pleasurable experience. The greatest contribution was in its Truefox layout, and since then I’ve always moved the backspace key a row down for easier reach.

I also loved the Hako switches they came with, and as we speak I’m preparing to build a keyboard with Royal Hako Clears. I know there’s been a bit of a hooha about the stems on Box switches, but I think they really help you develop a more refined typing style.

I’ve since sold off a Nightfox and a Whitefox, but they prepared me well for QMK and for raising my expectations of what a keyboard could be.

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So, I kind of laughed when reading matt3o’s blog about creating the layout for whitefox, but honestly that damn gap between the arrowkeys is pretty crucial.

Theres something magical feeling about arrows being so close, yet discernibly far due to the gap.

I’ve used a magicforce before, and have since moved on to a TKL, and I really prefer the more compact layout.

I think the biggest mistake most layout designers make is underutilization of gaps, ignoring the importance of keys larger than 1u and lack of thought regarding ergonomics.

Cramming as many keys as possible onto a pcb does not a good keyboard make.


Feel the same about the gap. Thought it was weird until I started using it. Makes navigating my editor super easy. Aesthetically, it really grew on me, which is part of the reason I think the canoe is so nice looking.

I’ll get in one this thread as my Nightfox has been steadily growing on me the more I use it. I find the True Fox layout to be very intuitive & plan on incorporating split backspace on all my future builds that allow for it! I built mine with stock BOX Royals (well I lubed the springs since there was some pretty bad crunch with my batch TBH), GMK srcew in stabilizers lubed with Tribosys3204, & use SA caps with it. Which makes for a very tactile & enjoyable typing experience with it. It’s a little loud though since I did not lube the sliders of the Royals, but I like the sound profile it gives with SA caps so no problem there to me!

The True Fox layout proved to be the real standout with these boards to me. I agree the space between the modifiers & arrows is a plus even though some do not like the aesthetic it gives. It just makes it much easier to find the keys on the right side of board when touch typing IMHO. I should say I am still learning to touch type, so for those who are well versed in doing it that might not make any big difference for them.

All in all I agree with you @TheNamesTy45, the White/Nightfoxes are very nice & comfortable use 65% boards! Here’s a pic of mine,

BTW, did the Nera caps I sold you arrive without issue? I’m assuming they have since I didn’t hear back from you about them. Also how you liking them?


They sure did, thank you so much! Actually bought some retooled cherry blues to put the Halo stems in just so I could move the build up to happen earlier.

Also bought a spare whitefox PCB from them for $35 just in case any of the PCBs die and I couldn’t find it later.

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Hoping to have some picture of my NightFox build this weekend once I put it all together. Just made a few switches with halo stems in retooled Cherry blue housings with 68g springs. Damn, these are actually really tactile. This will be a fun build.

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I love my nightfox, but I wish there was a split spacebar option

So, I just finished building my new NightFox. A bit of a weird one.

  • Clipped, lubed, band aid modded plate mount Cherry stabs
  • A mixture of NightFox, KBDFans PBT, and pink GMK add ons for keycaps.
  • Halo True stems in retooled Cherry blue housings with 68g springs.


Getting the PCB ready with the band aid mod.

Plate is loaded with switches.

Sitting next to the older WhiteFox.

And done.

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Looks great @TheNamesTy45 & I’m sure it feels great too! I really dig what you did with the caps, the set looks so much better with the ePBT alphas. I may have kept it if I would’ve thought of that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also the eraser colored GMK accent keys look a little better than the red IMO too.

Glad to see everything went smooth & you got it all together the way you wanted man! :metal:

BTW: Glad to hear re-tooled Cherry blue housings work well with Halo stems. Between that option & the Outemu Skys I got coming I think I’m just gonna drop trying to find a batch of Pandas unless they finally start on the next rd of them or some fall in my lap.

I’ll send you one of the Halo switches I made so you can see what they feel like. Just to compare them to the outemu sky.

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