WhiteFox/NightFox Appreciation Thread


That would be awesome if could do that! :sunglasses: Always looking for switches to add to my collection & it would let me know how well they work with Halo stems much better than the pre re-tolling Cherry blue housings I got. :metal:


Sure thing! I’ll send a few over so you can get an idea of what they’d feel like in a board.


Very awesome of you bud! I’ll be sure to send you a few of the Outemu Sky with Halo stems once I get them to return the favor. Thinking I should have my Halos & Skies in about a month, both are set to ship out in Sept. last I heard.


The True Fox layout has ruined me. I don’t want to type on anything different. Mostly because of the backspace placement.


Exactly this. I got the same bug from my first HHKB. Everything else feels wrong now.

I’ve been dying to get a laptop so that I could work more at different parts of the house, but I just can’t get down with standard layouts.


That’d be awesome, man! Been really curious about those, plus the housing just looks cool too.


Install sorbothane in your WhiteFox/NightFox. It makes things very nice.


I bought a pre-assembled Whitefox with Hako Trues and the truefox layout from the Kickstarter campaign. When I finally received it after months of anticipation, I gave it a trial run and my fingers recoiled with horror from the feel of the Hakos and the rattly stabilizers. Also, contrary to a lot of other posts here, I simply couldn’t get used to the truefox layout because of the placement of the backspace. So basically my Whitefox sat on my shelf collecting dust after only using it a couple of times.

Fast forward several months and I noticed that Input Club started selling replacement plates with the Aria layout. I picked one up, de-soldered all of those retched Hako switches, lubed the stabilizers, and replaced the Hakos with Zilents because of the loud acoustics of the Whitefox case. I also replaced the rubber feet with firmer ones because I noticed the stock ones tended to move up and down like little shock absorbers when I typed.

After completing all of the mods, I can’t get enough of this thing and am a huge fan of the Whitefox. It’s quickly become one of my go-to keyboards and sits in my laptop bag because it’s so light weight. There’s something extraordinarily charming about the simple design that makes me happy whenever I start typing on it.

I would strongly recommend this keyboard to anyone just getting started with customs and I’m a huge fan of the 65% layout. Also, definitely give dampened switches a try, since the Whitefox case is otherwise pretty noisy.


Gotta be honest. I absolutely hated my Nightfox at first. That hollow sound when you type was driving me nuts. The feeling of “cheap” was just so overwhelming. I was already looking in to taking pictures of it and putting it on mechmarket. It wasn’t until I dampened the case and put XDA caps on it that it really grew on me. It was like night and day. Now it is one of my faves. Still haven’t got used to the backspace placement (Truefox) though :smile: .


How did you dampen the case?


Just put something the bottom of the case that will dampen the sound. I used a cut up rubber mousemat. It’s a pretty straight forward process but makes a ton of difference with the Nightfox/Whitefox


Cool! I’ll have to try that. I noticed some pinging in my Whitefox when I put the riser feet on and was trying to figure out how to best mitigate it.


Sorbathane! It’s a great dampening material.

Here’s my before and after of the Sorbathane on my Nightfox (Hako Violets).




uh yeah that pre-dampening sound gives me the chills. In a bad way.


Wow, huge difference in sound! Did you install sorbathane between the plate & PCB as well or is this just with it installed under the PCB at the bottom of the case? The acoustics of my Nightfox is my one big gripe with it (I have BOX Royals in it for now, pretty sure I’m gonna swap them out for Outemu Skys though). If that is what sorbathane just under the PCB does, one of the pieces from the sheet I just ordered from you is definitely going in my NF!


Straight underneath the PCB! It was my first time working with it so I didn’t even cut it that well hehe. I posted pictures of it right here:


I use sorbothane under my PCB on my night fox and white fox. Makes a HUGE difference in sound.


I had kind of a love-hate relationship with my Whitefox. It’s clearly well put together overall, and the keycaps are nice. But I didn’t like the position of the Backspace key at all. I tried moving it to the 1u key at the upper right but that also didn’t work for me. I think either layout would be fine if I was using the Whitefox almost all the time, but I use a lot of different boards, as well as some laptop keyboards that can’t really be altered, and I found switching back and forth was confusing.

I also found the pinging to be pretty bad, but my biggest niggle with it was that they apparently put the spots for the rubber feet in the wrong place (or else they used rubber feet that were too short), because the edge of my board would contact the desk as I typed. I replaced the feet, which helped some, but in the end I gave the board to my mother.


I had that exact same experience with the rubber feet and forgot to mention that. I couldn’t believe InputClub could make such a silly design mistake like that. Ultimately I just stuck on larger rubber feet to prevent it from happening.


I have shelf liner under mine as it stands, but the White/Nightfox cases resonate so bad that does just about nothing. That is why I was so surprised at how well sorbathane dampened the noise. Can’t wait to get my 12" x12" sheet & put some in mine.

Oh, BTW. Still waiting on the Outemu Skys, but I talked to saomeone at Desk Candy & they said the have the switches on hand & are just waiting for the XD60 ver.3.0 PCB from KPrepublic to ship my order. If the PCBs don’t show up soon I’m gonna see if they can just send me the switches in one package now, then the PCBs later in another when they get them. I’ll keep you updated bud! :metal: