WhiteFox/NightFox Appreciation Thread



Anybody looking for additional screws for the case because they stripped their originals, I may have found something to help out here. Quick disclaimer: I’d hold off on buying these yourself until I come back here to post if they do in fact fit properly.

I referenced this reddit post that Overkill posted in from about two years back: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/54rxxt/whitefox_screws_info/

Based on the recommendation in that thread I ordered these: https://www.grainger.com/product/GRAINGER-APPROVED-M2-0-40-x-6mm-6DU16

Bonus is that these screws are black which should look really cool with what I’m hoping to do with the next White Fox I order (white cerakote or powder coat) and hopefully the GMK Nine set that is in Interest check here.


Update: Got the screw mentioned above in the mail yesterday. They are black, which is what I wanted.

They look to be a little longer than the stock screws, but I can’t confirm fit yet because they require a 1.3mm hex driver that I don’t have. I ordered that off Amazon, and I’ll report back after I can fully tighten the screws into the case to see if they fit flush and if they strip at all (my original problem with the whitefox screws).


Now I can confirm that the screws I purchased from this link: https://www.grainger.com/product/GRAINGER-APPROVED-M2-0-40-x-6mm-6DU16 worked perfectly in my case.

By the way, this was the Hex Driver I bought off Amazon to tighten down the 1.3mm hex key screws: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000O5EFT8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . So far, it’s an excellent little tool and didn’t strip when tightening, which was what I was scared of with sizes as small as 1.3mm.

They are black, so it gives a different vibe than the original silver screws. That means they’ll be a good accent when I build the white cerakoted or powder coated “ZenFox”

Images of the screws in case:


It’s kind of crazy how much my tastes have changed since getting into this hobby. The whitefox was one of the first keyboards I saw that really caught my eye as the board I wanted to get. I got into keyboards well after the first sale with Massdrop and so I jumped at the kickstarter when I saw it was announced. At this point I prefer the higher profile designs and 65% isn’t my favorite layout aesthetically. I think as an enthusiast this board left me really disappointed. Out of convenience I got mine already assembled with Hako Trues and that is probably my biggest mistake. I hate these switches. Granted I used this keyboard at work since it was pretty quiet and that helped me to type without bottoming out all the time and that has transferred over to my other keyboards. While the hako trues kept me typing silently (at least, for a while, they click now) for the most part - the spacebar and other mod keys with stabs sound atrocious and reverberate with the keyboard a lot too.

The sad part about this is that while this board is in good condition and is relatively new, I consider it as somewhat of a fixer-upper project already. The form factor is decent enough and so is the overall build quality. I’ve never ventured into desoldering an entire board to replace the switches and stabs, so that is a bit daunting but it sounds like it will be a learning experience - and honestly I think having bought this board as a fledgling enthusiast has taught me a lot about the finer points of how to judge a keyboard’s qualities.


WhiteFox was the first “WOW” board for me back when it was on Massdrop with the costar stabilizers. Seeing the Zealios in the WhiteFox made my jaw drop, and it’s been one of my holy grail boards since then. Still need to build one with V2 Zealios.

Yeah, the Hako trues disappointed me when they started developing the clicking, but to really get the most out of this board, I do a few mods everytime.

The WhiteFox and NightFox somehow has stayed as one of my top 3 favorite boards, if not my favorite board through the years, so I’m definitely biased. Only other ones that compete with it for me are the Canoe and Tina-C.


Really liking those screws. Some red ones would be a cool accent as well.


It’d be cool to find some other alternate colors. Since we know the exact specs of the screw size, it’d just be a matter of finding a manufacturer who has a color variety at that size.


You could also do some blue ones to match the stock keycap color way


NightFox with the black screws.


That would look pretty good, sweet ideal! The only issue I could see with it is the screws would have to painted which always get damaged/chipped when installing them. Or they would have to be anodized alum. which would be expensive & strip very easily. Tempted to look into it, but I may be selling my Nightfox soon. I really would prefer not to, but I gotta come up with some extra loot in the next week & it is one of my lesser used boards lately. :cry: