Who else likes to make keycap mock-ups for fun?

I find myself sitting and making keycaps mock-ups whenever I’m bored, I can’t be the only one doing this? :slight_smile:

Easy and fun way to pass time while waiting or being bored, for example inbetween queues for a game! :slight_smile:

You can use the following websites:
and then render here: https://kle-render.herokuapp.com/


I did do a few with some innocent dreams of them becoming group buys, but never had the time :joy: Maybe this thread can be where vendors and professionals can come look at ‘amateurs’ and collaborate :joy:

Called this one Archer

Called this one Deathstroke

Called this one mythic

Should I ever make a set I really like, I might consider doing an interest check. However, I’ve no idea how idea comes to reality, and I have no contacts - so it’ll likely just stay a fun way to pass time. :slight_smile:

I like this shit! Perhaps you should opt for different font color, since white and orange don’t go so well. But yeah, nice overall.

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cheers :slight_smile:
I swore I had it as blue like below though, more true to silve age. Might have been an older version

tbf not sure now if white or blue looks better

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:raising_hand_man: but I’m not ready to share yet…

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How about two different font colors? :slight_smile:

Would work. but for practicality if it does go into production, would cost a lot more :stuck_out_tongue:

I do!


Dem proper renders lol :joy: the closest I’ve got to that was using some Blender plugin

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Stepping up the game! :smiley:

Similar one to my first, I kind of like these muted colors.

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This needs to be on the maroon CA66

I made this when I thought DSA Plague was going to happen to visualize my plans. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Warm Monochrome: Beige Alphas + Dolch Mods


hey nice :smile: did you do the svg yourself for the novelties?

The hard thing about designing keycaps is that you need to keep the medium in mind. For example, you render doesn’t take full advantage of either method, It wouldn’t be a good Dye-sub colorway because you have the light legend on Enter, and I think the set isn’t too exciting for something that is doubleshot because so much of it could be dyesub.

That’s good feedback, I did not keep that in mind at all. I’ll give it a new go!

I’ve been working on a board and keyset. Maxxkey Raptor. Novelties to come. Layout fits in a 75% case, but I really want to do a split board. Feedback welcome.