Who else likes to make keycap mock-ups for fun?


Oh no, thise were the novelties of DSA Plague.


Didn’t know they released the files. Slightly confused


I just used raster graphics pulled from the Kono site.


This makes it sound like its not happening. Did I miss something, did they cancel the set? :weary:


Yep. The dream is dead.


Plague and Arcane both? :skull_and_crossbones:


Yeah. Apparently only 30 orders over the 2 months it was active.


Making it worthwile to doubleshot, I guess.



I like to mess around! I’ve got one or two I want to do for real, but some like this are jut for fun as a throwback :slight_smile: .



Really like this peach one. The next step is to work with GMK/SP approved colors, or look into getting custom pantone colors and make a keyset group buy. I think you have what it takes to make a great keyset.


Oh, thank you! One day I hope to be able to come up with an attractive set to run as a GB, but as of right now I have 0 contacts and knowledge on how to get it made. For that specific colorway I would have to get custom pantone bricks ordered to be satisfied, as this is as close as I get wtih GMK colors (far from satisfying).

I’ll keep trying to come up with sets, and maybe one day one will be good enough to put in the effort to get it made. Thanks for the kind words and feedback!


It’s getting closer:

Taking inspiration from the red planet:


Now, who wants to run this thing? I got it look close to how I imagined, but then started to wonder if it looked too much like Jamon. However, I looked again and I believe it’s quite different. Jamon is reversed with dark alphas and lighter mods. Jamon is also a much more cool tone. This red is somewhere between red and orange.

Anywhoo, just trying to imagine some cool space themed GMK novelties.

Also, there is a more orange version, but I figured it wouldn’t go over as well

Inspiration from this NASA image of Mars on the surface:



yo, No2 is on point! that is real martian stuff


Yo hiney what’s your render setup like


Solidworks models, KeyShot rendering


I have to start learning this stuff. Are you self taught? Have any resources for somebody who’s done some cad work but never industrial design?


Yeah I’m self taught. My background is electrical engineering but I’ve messed with Inventor/Solidworks since high school. For keycap stuff, I just started messing with techniques and asking others how they did it. I have a repo of blank caps on my github in both .sldprt (solidworks) and .step files: https://github.com/hinnebusch/CherryMX

I don’t release my legend ones because 1. they aren’t perfect yet and i’m a perfectionist and 2. i’ve spent far too much time on them to justify releasing them for free. However my technique has been adding the legends/text/whatever and doing like 0.0001mm extrusions so they’re basically still flat. You can assign different materials to different faces/features and that’s how I separate the colors when I import to KeyShot


Ordered a bunch of Keys from Round 6 and playing around with KLE as well as KLE-render to figure out how they’d look on a Planck.