Wild dreams thread

Let’s use this thread to post our wildest (pipe)dreams, which do not necessarily have to be keyboard-related. Here are some of mine:

  1. Fully programmable 60% keyboard with split spacebar, per-key programmable RGB lighting, programmable RGB underlighting, with Topre domes
  2. Double-shot sculpted SA profile PBT keycaps in the Godspeed colorway
  3. Split keyboard with the numrow 6 key on the right hand side

that #1 oof I like it

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Oops also powder-coated off-white aluminum case for #1

Also the layout would be like this

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One keyboard related wild dream: be 100% happy with a design I create.

One non-keyboard related wild dream: own a Porsche 911 997.2 in Speed Yellow.



These are very good dreams, but if you are like me then dream #2 would be infinitely easier to achieve than #1 :cry:

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Sounds like I am haha

Keeb 1:

  1. Sand colored cerakote WKL TKL
  2. Fully programmable with QMK
  3. 67g Zilents
  4. Chocolatier but double shot PBT in SA profile

Keeb 2:

  1. Rama M60-A in Space Grey
  2. 67g Zilents
  3. GMK Laser

(Keeb 2 will be a reality for me soon) :slight_smile:

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WKL looks so neat, but I need my Windows key too much :frowning:

Space Grey, eh… sounds like I know what my next case will be

  1. Bakelite keycaps in the MT3 profile
  2. A machined Tungsten stock 60% case
  3. Stabilizers that don’t suck

Oh… oh my :hushed::open_mouth::astonished::heart_eyes:


It’s never going to happen, but “wild dreams,” right?

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Polycarb X60 V2

Dactyl or Dactyl Manuform that comes with contoured aluminum case instead of 3d material that we’ve seen today, and a pair of memory foam cushions for wrist rest.
Seriously I hate the fact most ergo keebs just look like barebones.


Agreed. I guess the wacky shapes are expensive and difficult to make :frowning:

Doesn’t have to be wild :yum:

45g Topre Ergodox in a Norbaforce style case

My dream would be that everyone gets a beamspring keyboard.


Aluminum wireless split 75% hotswap ortholinear with 3u spacebars, jailhouse aristotle switches, and GMK Terminal. I’m working on the aluminum wireless split ortho, I just really want jailhouse aristotle but can’t justify the price. I’m using jailhouse mx blues at the moment.

Having a rough year. At this point, I just want to be happy with life. Wild dream?

Wild, but achievable :blush:
I had a rough year not long ago. Went to therapy for the first time in my life, and I found that helpful.