Wild dreams thread


Alps revival


realistically, black m65-A with GMK monochrome
unrealistically, a board made of transparent aluminum
completely fancifull, a night of passion with a very intelligent woman who’s really into anime ,actually any woman who’s really into anime lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need to play around with an Alps-switched keyboard someday …


it’ll make you both happy and sad at the same time :slight_smile:


about the keyboards: being able to make my handmade ceramic case and make it a truly sustainable project.

other: to visit as many places in the world as possible.

KMK Labs.


I’ll have a Matias clicky HHKB for sale here shortly. Let me know if interested, going to get rid of it cheap.


A 40% / 60% keyboard dream:

  • Hi-Pro/Low-Pro Case and Top Plate made using Damascus steel
  • Fully programmable with QMK
  • Hot-swappable keys
  • USB Type-C and Wireless/Bluetooth
  • SA Profile Double-shot PBT keycaps set or XDA profile PBT


As we all know metal and plastic (those that require molds) cases cost a lot of money.

Also don’t forget good keycaps cost some money.

What about a fully assembled drop in replacement PCB/Plate/stabs with Kailh Hot Swap sockets for the Leopold FC660/750/980?

The idea is these keyboards are relatively inexpensive; in fact some may already own them. They come with a fine case and by current industry standards probably the best stock OEM caps.

All you would need to do is open the case, swap the existing plate/pcb for this one, plug in your preferred switches, and finally add the existing keycaps.

Except for perhaps the FC980 the FC660/750 has been on the market for many years now - long enough that EK used to sell FC660’s. So I believe the audience may be there I just don’t know if it is feasible.

This would be for someone who:

  • Wants something nicer than the GMMK.
  • Passionately hates RGB and loathes the very idea of it being on the board even if it is turned off.
  • Is too lazy [me!] or too obsessive compulsive [me too!] to solder switches.
  • Works in a professional environment where chattering switches are unacceptable and fast replacement is necessary.


Ooh, tempting. I’m not too fond of the HHKB layout, though… Let me know when you post it for sale, though. I’ll definitely take a look :smiley:


One time I dreamed that the government was turning the frogs gay, turns out it was reality


I adore this thread.

My wild dream is for a moddable/hackable community-designed Topre clone with MX-compatible sliders—and that feels and sounds as good as a RealForce. :open_mouth: That or for Topre to start collaborating with me. :blush:





I’m the exact opposite, unfortunately :sweat_smile: Everything else sounds great though!


The shape of the Topre stem was specifically designed to fix some of the MX’s problems, so you can forget about that dream.

I mean, there is a reason why people say Novatouch stem never feels as good as the real thing.

However, what I dream about is a new type of switch. It’s just incomprehensible to me that people put so much effort into developing diferent kinds of keycaps, profiles, cables, PCB’s and cases, but nobody is working on the most important stuff - the switch.

Thing is, none of the swiches on today’s market are really good. MX switches are kind of average solution. Topre is better, but not perfect, and they age in an imperfect way due to becoming too stiff.

So here is my dream - low profile silent Beamspring switch. It is a known fact that beamsprings are the best switches ever made, so there’s that.


pretty sure Mike is constantly working on new switches heh


GBs that finish on time


Rubber domes falling out of use in the whole world with the return of buckling springs and ALPS and the reign of BOX Navies in the office. :grin:


GMMK with a navless layout (or 122 key terminal layout)
TKL or larger hotswap Alps/Matias board.
Outemu silent tactile stems.
Model M with capacitive buckling springs.
Return of the SSK.

  1. A truly frictionless linear switch with a good sound

  2. Actually silent stabs with no wobble

  3. Using and supporting ISO to be declared a crime against humanity, punishable by death

  4. A modern interpretation of both buckling spring and beam spring, both with MX cap compatibility

  5. Less community emphasis on silly features like RGB and ISO support

  6. Open source topre. I don’t like topre, but if it means I get to see oess HHKBs, it’s good with me

  7. SP’s G20 profile to gain 7u space mold, and to open up to custom group buys.

  8. More brass keyboards, especially if they’re big and thick

  9. Honestly? More mainstream acceptance.

  10. Oh yeah, lower prices on keycaps. Ha.


I like most of these ideas! I do like my RGBs if done properly so I wanna change that line to proper RGB/underglow support with better power envelope by switching to a legit USB 3.0/3.1 controller and usb-c