Wild dreams thread


Honestly, have you tried the XMIT Hall Effect switches? They’re insanely smooth.


Meh, I think ISO enter as a keycap can be better than ansi, but the big issue is that it is 1u further away on a standard iso layout. I think it’d be great on smaller biards closer to 40% where you can move enter and delete closer to the home row.


Keyboard dreams:

  • GMK Penta-shots with 4 different legends in 4 difference colors
  • SA with Maxkeys pricing but GMK-level compatibility, also maybe multishot legends
  • A cable that is literally 6ft of thick coils
  • A program/gui for QMK that does basically everything that BootMapperClient does including flashing, keymapping, macro-mapping, and led control
  • A tool that works better for USB connector crimping

IRL dreams:

  • 6th gen F100 shortbed stepside, built and turbo’d 300i6, T-56 magnum, flipped 9inch rear with 5.13s and at least 40"s, power disc conversion, AC, power windows, power locks, decent system
  • Late S30 with RB25DETT, stick R35 drivetrain + suspension, AC, power locks + windows
  • Rally Fighter
  • 1949-50 Power Wagon(gee, I might be a car/truck guy), built Cummins crate drivetrain, longbed
  • No student loan/other debt
  • Earn enough from my business to support myself and help support my family


Now that is a wild dream I can get behind!


All you listed was negatives. How exactly is it better?


I haven’t yet, unfortunately. But I’m talking about an absolute abscence of friction.


They come about as close as we’re going to get in the near future. No contact leaves, just magnets. The only friction is the little bit against the housing


Username/post combo here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want to recreate a mechanical version of the Fang gamepad using Cherry ML switches for the small keys (1-12) and 3d printed keycaps.


MT3 Godspeed

Come on, @MiTo and matt3o. You can make this happen! :smile:




Transparent/light diffusing BKE Redux domes so I can satisfy my dumb desire for backlighting on this EC board without cutting off a corner of the dome :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to design my own TKL with wood trim and off white aluminum body. Would go so well with a lot of the retro keycaps.

  • I would love to have a switch with a lot longer than 4mm of travel distance to make it a really floaty sensation when typing.
  • Gmk Calm Depths
  • SA Calm Depths rerun. Row 3 and sculpted.
  • Matte black 60% QMK pcb with no bloat at a solid price
  • Available cherry profile alps caps


Do you use right alt at all? I don’t and I’ve mapped it to windows key on my WLK boards.


I’m a simple person.

  • Pandas under $3.50 per switch. Please hurry up Panda rerun.

  • The Mercury Rocketeer with the backspace in the HHKB spot.

  • NightFox keycaps to be not sold out.

  • A hot swap HHKB layout board to become widely available

  • Plastic HHKB replica case for MX switches with integrated plate and true 6u space

That’s it for now.


Now that GMK Space Cadet is dropping, I am dreaming of MT3 Space Cadet :no_mouth:

  • EnjoyPBT Terminal
  • More split-spacebar love in keysets, PCBs and plates
  • QMK support for everything

  • Fully programmable 75% topre clone, with standard keycap sizes, that’s easy to mod/domeswap

  • Alps revival: new blue and brown alps available, and the production of new AEK-style PBT keycaps

  • I’d like if cherry started using their clear molds to make brown switches

  • Id like to see box royal switches come with 62g-67g weights stock

  • Id also like to see a thick-click box switch with a spring weight between jade and navy

Edited to add:

  • forgot: I want to see more polycarbonate/plastic top-mount (or integrated plate) options at KBD-fans level prices for 75%, 65%, and 60% boards. Id like to see more FC980 style cases available in general, too.


A programmable 3x3 (9 digit) macropad for the Roguelike game genre?