Wild dreams thread


I bet if you asked @mgsickler nicely he could make one of your dreams happen.



Split, tentable, 75%, SA keycaps, Outemu purples, white LEDs, no underglow, built-in USB hub, USB-C and Bluetooth, replaceable battery, costing less than my car.


A FC660C in ISO-DE. Or just ISO.


Cheaper GMK sets…


Here’s a keeper. I too have this dream. You can have one for a only $200k (see here). Though I’m sure you’ve seen that site before.


How bout this?


I have one of these at work and it’s a rad little macropad.


That’s exactly what I wanted! Thank you!


Some dreams do come true :sob:


Yep, spent a good bit of time there “building” some amazing things, but just a wee bit out of my budget as a small-time keyboard vendor.


G80-1800 inspired 75% keyboard. A man can dream…

I call it RONDG75 :smiley:


@rondg I love the idea but i swear someone else was showing this same idea a while back. Maybe it was you?


@pixelpusher Nope. Not me. The idea was in my head for a long time but I only did the renders a few days ago. Where did you saw it? I want to see too.

  1. Bluetooth to be easier to integrate into QMK, no stupid proprietary Nordic chips, just something easy…

  2. To own a CNC mill to make dope keyboard cases with, because dealing with Chinese factories makes me nervous so if I could do it from my own home shop I’d be pleased

  3. insert car I’m obsessed with for the week here

  4. GMK WOB with icon mods (GB guys? Let’s make it happen!)


I want this!! Looks pretty similar to the Xeno 75


Zeal PCB with Optical switch support.


A Realforce R2 RGB for under $399 :stuck_out_tongue:


PCB stabilizers for low profile switches.


This keyboard improved to work with existing MX-style switches


I’d gladly spend money on that! When’s the group buy? :sunglasses: