Wild dreams thread


Long time lurker - first time poster.

Figured I would say something since I don’t think I’ve seen any IC or GB of the sort. I recently went to one of my favorite burger/doughnut places and their branding is white and coral and I just thought it would make for the basis of an amazing colorway for a keyset.

Whipped this concept up on my break during work. Something along the lines of this plus a white case is my wild dream, lol.



  • AEK profile mx stem keycaps


  • Alps(orange, brown, blue, green) switches be manufactured again.


  • AEK curved SX60 split keyboard


One of my dreams is a programmable HHKB with USB-C and a USB hub with at least 3.0 speeds.
Or a keeb with a 3.0-3.1 usb hub.


Mine would be a heavy, split keeb like a Helix, and Devlin caps. I have a set on my Planck and absolutely love them but they are so hard to find nowadays!


I’d definitely buy a custom keycap set if ISO AZERTY was available, didn’t find any as of now.


How wild?

Motorized switches with fully customizable force curve graph, including tactile points.

Or maybe just pneumatic/hydraulic switches where counterpressure collapses when met with actuation force and the the switch is fired back at your finger to repressurize. Would love to hear a sound test on these.