[WTS] rpiguy9907 Keeb Liquidation 2022 part one - Bump and Mark Downs

I have a few keyboards that I thought I would offer here at a lower price before I post them on Mechmarket. CONUS only. Prices include shipping. I am slimming down my collection and trying to let things go. If something sits new in box unbuilt for too long, I am going to sell it.

NIB Brutal60 WKL Gray - $145 marked down to 135 and can include a hot swap PCB
Flawless, never built, just opened box to inspect. Includes all CK accessories that came with it. Sixty dollar discount.

NIB Space Gray Hello 0110 - $275 marked down to 265 OBO
Again, never built. Beautiful board. Polycarbonate plate (corrected plate).

Green Lin Whale 75 - $345 marked down to 325 OBO
Factory military green anodization. Looks amazing. Has a small mark above the F8 key. You cannot really see it when the F8 key is installed, but offering a deep discount on it. Ships with the acrylic plate installed and a spare brass plate from the GB. The PCB has been millmaxed for the 7u spacebar layout. Includes carrying case.

Retail price was $550. If you are curious about Korean customs, this is a great, chonky, example that is built like a tank.

Here are pics of the Lin Whale 75 - the other items are NIB so they look just like their stock photos, but I can send some pics to you if you really want them.


All of these look so good


Seriously. I’m trying to decide which to buy to keep as a future gift or something since they’re too big for me. Lovely boards.

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Items marked down. Make me an offer!

No biters, so posted to /mm :frowning:

Is that M0110 a HHKB or Classic 60?

Edit: Looks like you got most of it sold. Gratz!

It is an HHKB.