Wuque Studio Pearl switches with ball bearings

Looks interesting - has anyone tried these? They mostly caught my eye because of @norbauer 's recent presentation on his stabilizer design and how expensive tiny ball bearings are.

Not that I’d ever recommend disassembling the switches to use for stabilizer experimentation… :rofl:


I haven’t tried this specific variant, but I have tried the ball-bearing switches in a couple different iterations. They’re honestly very impressive, especially when it comes to stability, but also when it comes to smoothness.

@ThereminGoat posted a detailed review of one of the ball bearing switches here a while back:


I’ll check it out - thanks so much!

It wasn’t the balls used in bearings per se that I found to be expensive but rather microscopic linear bearings that use ball bearings to facilitate motion. I hope that distinction makes sense. :slight_smile:

This kind of thing:


You use that word, but it does not apply to the example you show.

If you needed to assemble it, you would have to use a microscope to see what you were doing.


Come on man, we don’t need people acting so pedantic here.


What makes it seem like I’m acting? I’m being deliberately pedantic. Precision in talking about technical things is necessary to make any progress at all.

Being knowledgeable about engineering means not throwing technical terms about at random when they don’t apply.