Your favorite tactile?

Just trying to gauge opinion.

(poll updated to include Topre, Alps, Zilents, Holy Pandas)

  • MX Brown
  • MX Clear
  • Ergo Clear
  • Zealios (62g)
  • Zealios (65g)
  • Zealios (67g)
  • Zealios (78g)
  • Hako Violet
  • Hako Clear
  • Hako True
  • Hako Royal
  • BOX Royal
  • Holy Panda
  • Halo True
  • Zilents
  • MOD (L/M/H)
  • Topre
  • BKE Domes
  • Alps
  • Other (please indicate in comments)

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I’m still trying to find the answer myself…

Poll suggestions: add Kailh BOX Brown and Burnt Orange, and also split the two different official Hako Royals: True and Clear :slight_smile:

I’m waiting on BOX Burnt Orange to come in before I make a real decision. I’ve tried all the following on a full board so far:

  • Gateron Brown
  • Kailh Speed Copper
  • Kailh BOX Brown
  • Kailh Pro Purple
  • NovelKeys BOX Royal
  • Input Club × NovelKeys Hako Royal Clear

and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for … :sweat_smile:

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I’m limited to 20 options, I’ll try to remove more obscure switches.


Ah, dang. Didn’t know the limit. Still, a very good list :smiley:

Whoops I can no longer edit my poll after 5 minutes. Just let everyone know what your Hako Royal type is :slight_smile:

45g springs in Zilents. Zilents are a big omission from your list.

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You’re right! Unfornately, I can’t edit the list anymore. Would have been easy to remove Kaihua Brown and group all the MOD switches into one option.

Topre, as well, is a big one that isn’t on your list.

Oh I didn’t know rubber domes were an option.

Yeah, I need to contact a mod to get the poll options changed. Judging by how half of the responses are Other, I clearly messed up my initial list.

I’m voting Box Royal, but I’m making a bit of an assumption that it will feel like I expect it to when I lube it. I haven’t tried it lubed yet. I love the tactility though and compared to unlubed MODs or Zealios I do prefer it, so it will likely be my favorite.

Next ones down for me would be MODs (I use SH for the green stem but swap to a spring more like Ms) followed by Zealios (67g)

Alps have some really good tactiles that compete with or beat Box Royals, but they’re difficult to acquire.

Edit: I haven’t tried Holy Pandas (though I did try Halo Trues, wasn’t a fan)

I do wonder if lubing will make a big enough difference. Shouldn’t it basically be negligable for BOX switches?

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Favorite Tactile Switch
Not a single Alps or topre option

Inb4 people get offended

I would have picked 62g Zealios out of the choices in your list, but 35g Zeals and Zilents are a lot better, so I went “Other”

Also my boy @quakemz’s favorite Tactile switch, Zorro Browns :joy:

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without a doubt, V2 outemu clears, great tactile… especially coming from a person that really doesn’t like tactiles.

Maybe slightly more leaf noise than the other options but it has a really nice bump and it gets a lot better with a little lube.

So far, my favorite tactile that I’ve used are Halo stems in black cherry housing with 67g springs.

I like them a bit more than my Topre switches in feel, but maybe not sound. Really wanting to try some Holy Pandas still.

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I’d lube them as a joke, but no lube could save these.

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Holy Pandas, and it isn’t particularly close. They have this huge, rounded tactility with a satisfying sound. I haven’t found a switch that’s really comparable.


I prefer the pandas of the holy variety. Aside from properly lubed 55g Topre, Holy Pandas are pretty much the only tactile switch I LOVE. Though, I give honorable mentions to a few others I think are great for what they are: 78g Zealios (r8 or newer), Hako Royals, Ergo-Clears (if done right).

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Why would it be negligible for Box switches? I know it’s harder to open them but I wasn’t aware of any reason they’d be less impacted by lube.

They definitely felt scratchy to me, on the order of Cherry Browns, so if lube wouldn’t fix that it’s a no-go for me.

My 67g Zealios are too light :frowning:

I still haven’t beat the first switches in my first board which were 67g ergo clears.

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