Your favorite tactile?


Hako Royal Clear is such a great switch, though a bit heavier than I was expecting. My Box Royals ended up loosening up a bit after a long time using them, so I think the Royal Clears will do the same thing over time.


Yeah, these are bit heavier than I expected too. The soft bottom-out is kind of interesting, though, and I might be able to get used to that.

Of course, I’m also receiving some BOX Burnt Orange switches in the mail from NovelKeys today, so I guess I’ll see how long until I swap them into my K-Type :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to try a FC980C next. It’s the only Topre board I haven’t tried and they all feel so different.

I’m waiting to see if MK gets more before I pull my pants down on ebay.


Let me know if I can send him one. I’ve tried many Dell keyboards and this particular one is my favorite. DT insists the KB-1421 is better, but I disagree. The KB-522 to me is head and shoulders the best dome action they’ve ever produced (IMHO.)


i wish cherry would start making mx brown stems with the clear switch mold. there is a need for a light, mass-manufactured but still noticeably tactile switch


For extreme tactility? Either Cream ALPS (like non-ADB NeXT keyboards) or ‘Jailhouse’ Aristotles with 55g springs. When you type it feels really, really good to press down - maybe I can get a video together or something to demo the difference from browns.

80g ‘Jailhouse’ Aristotles are nearly as tactile as the Cream ALPS, but are harsher to type on overall as the return stroke is quite jarring on the finger.

For gaming, Zealios 65g are a nice mid weight, or ‘Jailhouse’ Aristotles with red 45g springs :wink:


What housings are you using for the Jailhouse Aristotle? I have mine in Zealio housings and they’re fucking incredible. Panda housings, Cherry housings, and normal Gateron housings didn’t feel as good, for some reason.


Haven’t tried them in Zealio housings just yet, but have some lying around I may try out!

Had a bunch of Gateron Brown donors, as well as Gateron Blue and Red :slight_smile: Practically the Aristotles have cannibalized nearly my whole Gateron lot, except for the Zealios!

Planck non-Jailhouse, Jailhouse MiniVan, and Jailhouse Tada68 so far :smiley: What are you running these underrated beauties in??


M65-A. These are the best MX tactile switches in existence IMO, they’re so underrated. I’ve tried everything MX tactile and nothing else measures up (even Holy Pandas, overrated imo). They feel the closest to BKE of any MX switch.


In no particular order: Orange Alps, Holy Pandas (worn in and lubed), BKE Ultra lights


Definitely would agree! Only thing that dethrones them is ALPS Cream, or leaf-modded White Pines / Blues ALPS in my book. Getting strong tactility out of a clicky switch? Only in ALPS-land.

Leaf modded Creams are dastardly tactile too, so much so that I dare not mod my Cream ALPS switches, otherwise be shown the door for noise complaints at the office I work in. Dampened Creams inbound for just this purpose hehe :sunglasses:

From my experience with the Aristotles I would say anything else in the market is a letdown comparatively, both on the clicky front and tactile front. Big thanks to @evangs for supplying the community with JSpacers!


Don’t think I like tactile, although not really played with that many. I seem to be a lover of the linear.


If it’s not a variant of Halo Trues with lighter springs in a more tactile housing or Topre, I’d rather have linear too. For the longest time Topre was the only tactile I’d use, but I was huge into the MX silent switches and gateron blacks.


Honestly I’m not too picky about my tactile preferences. So long as they’re around 70ish grams and have a tactile bump roughly as strong as a Cherry Clear I’m a happy camper. My next build is going to be with lubed Zilents and I can’t wait to see how those compair with something like MOD-H switches.


Sorry guys, I didn’t have a chance to bring along a Dell rubberdome when I visited the switch tester.

I DID manage to bring along a Plum EC87 with 55g Korean domes! The result was surprising - quite similar to what a 40g Topre switch would be, with less falloff.

Plum EC-87 55g Damped Korean Dome

For comparison:

Topre 45g Realforce


I love vintage brown with DCS keycaps.
Lately, Outemu ice v2.2 with Sky case be too


I revisited hako violet switches today. I’m surprised that more people don’t talk about them. The smooth but noticeable bump on them is most similar to V1 zeals with the added benefit of less wobble. Also, If you swap a heavier box spring into them they feel similar to cherry clears.


I think a lot of people avoided Hako switches because of the initial negative reception to them & stock Halos to some extent as well. Which in turn extended to the Violets. I tried all of them but Violets & can say the initial negative reception of True/Clear Hako/Halos added with my personal dislike of stock Hako/Halos kept me from giving them a try yet. Although after revisiting Halos during my recent messing about with Holy Skies & Halios made want to try Halo Clears in a board, so I get where you’re coming from. Sometimes it takes that second try to really appreciate a switch.

What weight V1 Zealios would you compare Hako Violets too & what heavier BOX spring did you use for the Cherry Clear comparison? TBH your post got me kinda interested in them now, as V1 Zealios & Cherry Clears are high on my list of preferred switches.


Stock violets are 50g so they are closest to zeal 62g, but they are a bit lighter (probably about 5g lighter on bottom out). I used the springs from a box pale blue for a swap to make them heavier. Those are rated at 60g actuation and 80g bottom out. Similar to cherry clear.


55g Topre or Stock Halo True