Your favorite tactile?


Agree with all your points on this being a hobby I still purchase and build boards myself just because it’s a true hobby. I think so many people are fixated on the endgame solution that it gets out of hand. However my observation stalking the Mech forums is that a fair amount of the community use/build/sell mechanical keyboards however seem to choose a topre keyboard as their more frequently used board.


I don’t think I’ve tried enough tactile switches to say that I have a favorite. With that said, I can say for certain that I do not like MX / Gateron Browns. The tactility is almost non-existent to me, unless I type much slower / softer than normal, or if I specifically go looking for the bumps. I understand that they are a favorite / workhorse for other folks, but if I have a choice, I will steer clear of them.


Same. I am confused why there are more votes for Browns than Clears right now


Might be the only one they’ve tried :thinking:


On Reddit maybe, but I don’t think they’d be on Keebtalk.


Tactile switches are my favorites & I have tried many. To me there is no comparing to ALPS SKCM browns or oranges (amber, cream, & salmon should fit the bill too, but I have yet to try those variants). They easily have the best tactile feedback to me. It almost feels like you are punching through the switch with them, not overcoming a bump like with MX or not a catastrophic collapse like Topre/BKE domes. Very satisfying IMHO, definitely switches any tactile lover should at least try! :metal:


Ergo Clears vary a lot depending on the housing used so maybe it should be broken out.
I personally enjoy Clear-minded Panda/Bsun far more than Zealios.


Box Burnt Orange :slight_smile:

But I am about to make some Holy MX (?) – Cherry MX Blue housing, Halo True stems. High hopes.


Only tactiles I’ve tried so far are Matias Quiet Click and MX Brown. And of course, many rubber domes.

I didn’t like MX Brown that much, but I feel kind of bad, since it’s such an underdog switch! I actually have some coming my way thanks to a cool DT guy!

Quiet click is… interesting. I think it could beat many tactiles out of the partk, if ONLY there was no dampening or that second slight bump. I would love to try out a good tactile switch myself. Maybe topre would be good, but I always talk smack about its price for a reason. There is the Plum thing apparently that’s also electrocapacitive but not ludicrously priced, but haven’t tried it.


Takeaways so far:

  • We can dethrone Topre
  • MOD switches are more popular than I thought
  • MX Browns > Clears. WHAT?


NO MX BROWN is not an underdog switch. It’s probably the most popular switch! Sadly, it’s very bad.


underdog in the enthusiast keyboard world! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up liking them in the long run. I’m gonna put them in a g80 -1826 chassis I have. That was my first MX keyboard, it had MX blacks originally.


Dell KB-522 rubberdomes are my favorite tactile. I’ve owned/sold dozens of mechanical keyboards and I keep returning to this one.

I need to get on my hands and knees and beg Haata to do a force curve on it and recommend something similar because I’m getting bored of the layout.


So topre then? :joy:


For me, when I tried stock Topre, the reaction was, “What? This was the fuss? YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.” Others, obviously, disagree, and for those folks, whose opinion I find disagreeable, there’s something wrong with you.

I’m only joking. Preferences are what they are, and it’s a big world with many different opinions, ways of thought, and whatnot. Everyone should try Topre. Choices are good.

It’s all a matter of exposure.


bke ultralights. i never liked tactile switches before i started using them, including zealios and ergo-clears


I switched over to Krytox Liquid for MX Blacks and 3204 for anything else,
still use Superlube Grease for stabilizers.


Burroughs terminal (the one HaaTa has).

Orange Creamsicle Alps.

Korean 55g dome sheet in a “Nopre” (Plum EC87) keyboard.

I visit HaaTa sometimes, I’ll see if I can bring along a Dell rubberdome the next time I do.


I’ll second this opinion! I have found a Krytox oil (VPF1514 being my fav) to work exceptionally well for linear switches. :metal:


I am surprised no one has really mentioned Box Browns, I love that switch and now I am wondering if there is a similar weight tactile switch that people regard as better.