Zambumon Jules


Zambumon Jules

Post will be updated soon without all the jokes

Technical Specs

* subject to change

Case Design: by Zambumon
Case: Milled Aluminum, Bead blasted, Anodized
Case Slope Angle: 7.00°
Plate: Milled Brass, Bead blasted, PVD Coated, 1.5mm thick
Plate Colors: Copyright © 2019 Zeal Generation Inc. Preferred Choices.
Plate Mount Style: Top Mounted
Plate Layout: TBD - Fixed or semifixed
PCB: WT-65 Jules Edition with universal daughterboard USB-C. QMK/VIA Configurator

Render Gallery

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stan loona


Muchas gracias señor. esto realmente conmueve mis emociones!


I’d love a Drak Gary colored keyboard!


I’ll have you know he’s stealing that color. Everyone knows those AliExpress boards copyrighted drak Gary years ago. Next he’ll probably come out with a sliver color too. Shameful.


Make sure you use that affiliate code too. Lol!


Honestly, I’ll be waiting for Begplant Burple, Copyright © 2019 Zeal Generation Inc.


no split backspace?


Hello, which of my affiliate codes work in this situation


How do you say “Cringey” in Spanish?
this post is Copyright © 2019 Zeal Generation Inc.


I heard Drak Gary was already slod out. :frowning:


You could always pick up a “purple” one. That’s the hot pink color.