Zeal 60 PCB

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Can any of you explain why the Zeal60 PCB is more expensive than other 60% PCBs ? Thats a weird question I understand, and I’m honestly not trying to whine about the price. I thought Zealios were overpriced before I tried them, and when I did, I was sold on them. I haven’t tried the Zeal60 PCB, the asking price is a bit steep, and unlike switches, I can’t get a “sampler”. I’m looking for some features that other PCBs dont have, more flexibility, programmability, better quality, all of the above… ? Can someone who owns one shed some insights ?


Zealtax :face_with_monocle:

No idea honestly.

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I don’t know the particulars behind its pricing but one reason you might want it over other PCBs is that there are very few if any others that support both RGB underglow and per-key RGB.

My bad

Yeah, and also the layout options for that pcb is way more versatile than other chinese rgb pcb

It has smd rgb pre-soldered. Afaik, you don’t have any other alternative to it. The quality is good as well, I think, and runs QMK.

EDIT: removed underglow, it doesn’t have it.

It doesnt support underglow - Just RGB per key

Also the HS60 is a good alternative for in switch RGB and Hotswap in ANSI and ISO flavours

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QMK support, multiple layout options, in switch RGB. Higher quality materials used and QC. Aftermarket RGB “underglow” strip can be added, but we don’t offer any support if you opt for this mod.


where can we get the hs60?


I also have a build stream with the proto HS60 with the lovely @meliewx on my twitch if you are interested

great thanks. out of stock at the moment. will have to watch/wait. noticed that the layout is fixed to the standard 60, though. all my 60s use the 7u + split r shift + split backspace layouts. hopefully they add support for it.

its because its hotswap - its hard to place the switches for multiple options. There are some more layouts coming though - I know David is looking at HHKB and @olivia has one of the proto’s of that as well

That would be great. I would love to see a hot-swappable PCB that’s fixed to the hhkb layout!

@Olivia - show pics pls :slight_smile:

yeah, pics or it didn’t happen :smile:

I posted this earlier in the original HS60 thread but no one noticed the bottom row :rofl:

Also, I brought it with me to Keycon! It’s in my x60, and you can see the 2nd in the background with all the lights :smiley:


Ssshh nobody wants to watch how long it takes me.to lube stabs omg

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In the non hot swap world it’s pretty much the only choice for the fancy rgbs.

Watch the zephyr build with Quakemz and you’ll see how cool it is.

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great, thanks! really hope this gets launched. will probably have to rebuild my 60s to use the pcb.

Figured I’d ask here: what kind of switch housings do per-switch LEDs shine through? Do you need fully transparent zealio/aliaz ones or is the milky white type OK? How about Kailh’s switches?

@magicpretzel @Jae-3soteric The TR-60 gb happening on geekhack includes an unnamed hotswap 60% pcb with hhkb layout. Just FYI…

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