DES Pink domes typing video + comparison to stock 55g!

Pretty sounds

Hey guys! I’m super tired but was able to get this video up before going to sleep. My DES Pink domes arrived today, so I tore down my Realforce a few times and shot some quick sound tests. I hope this video helps give an idea about how these sound, lubed and silenced.

@BuddyOG , I was wondering if you had any idea what could be causing my problems with some of my keys making a small clack sound as soon as I hit them. You can hear what I mean when I am spamming the bottom row. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :smiley:


Not buddyog but I know the thicker aftermarket domes (compared to oem topre domes) are susceptible to over-tightening of the pcb to the plate. Basically you should not tighten all the screws as much as you do with oem domes. It takes some trial and error. Even completely removing some screws and reseating the domes by pressing issues keys, then install screws back. Eventually you’ll get it right. Source: my experience with bke heavy domes.

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I like the sound of stock 55g better.


Thanks - I’ll give this a shot

It does sound much thuddier

did you record the kbdfans sliders with stock or DES domes? those probably sounded the worst to me, especially when you did the alphas; seemed rattly and crunchy.

+1 for the stock 55g domes for me too. the way i imagine and judge the sound for myself is i want the dome sound to thock and for the sliders/caps to ideally not contribute too much high pitched crunch or rattle.

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Hey there!

I recorded the kbdfans with DES domes. Swapped them for the stock sliders right after, because they were actually atrocious. I still want to work on figuring out how to minimize clack sounds, as the domes themselves are still thocky but yes not as much as stock. These are just a lot better on my hands than the 55g ones. Outside of you getting some to try yourself, I don’t know how else to describe it other than these feel incredibly satisfying for typing. Thanks for giving my video a listen though :smiley:

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Reporting for duty! You and the others like you with that issue have me stumped! As I said before, I would start by installing o-rings to the affected keys and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work try stuffing cotton in the slider and the keycap stem.


ty for clarifying, im fascinated but not yet quiiiiite brave to tinker with topre :slight_smile: so i’m watching other people do it to hear what mods sound best (subjective of course)

can you describe the DES domes then: i have not tried 55g (i have a leopold 45g silenced); are the DES domes weighted lighter? and pardon if the terminology is incorrect. is clack the slider+cap sound?

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I’ll have a stupidly long video coming out documenting my experience with modding my board. I’ve been doing soundtests every step of the way because I’m insane, so I hope that it will help you. I may be missing some details along the way that I might add in on top of the modification log, as the further I get into recording the more I doubt myself and my ability to properly coach what I’m doing to a new user interested in applying the same mods.

The DES domes are weighted lighter for the bottom out, but the tactility is stronger. It’s a nice light crisp tactility into a soft, refined bottom out, compared to a heavy rounded bump into a soft refined bottom out with stock 55g domes.

The clack is slider+cap, as soon as my finger touches some of the problematic keycaps. I’ll be trying jhambone and Buddy’s solutions to see if either of them help!


Des domes vs stoc vs BKE please

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Bad news - DHL lost my BKE package and JChan didn’t have enough left to replace my order so I got them refunded. If you’re in the Deskeys Discord or BuddyOG’s, there’s quite a bit of talk about BKE domes and how they feel more binary compared to DES domes which have strong tactility but keep the refined feel of topre.