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Hi Keebtalk!

I’ve worked super hard to launch this web app. Since joining this hobby, I’ve always felt an app like this was missing. An app that allows enthusiasts to track their collections of keyboards, keycap sets, artisans, and desk mats. It draws inspiration from r/CustomKeyboards and other apps that do a great job at organizing keycap, keyboard and group buy data. My hope is that this app grows along with keebtalk, r/MechanicalKeyboards and can be used as a tool to keep this hobby thriving.

One of the most important features is that our users can create missing keyboards, keycaps, artisans, and desk mats on our platform. We don’t want to be in the way of your growing collections, so create them as you grow.

Here’s my collection: Endgames | bLaZ3n's profile

About endgames: Endgames | About
How to get started: Endgames | Get Started
Keyboards: Endgames | Browse Keyboards
Keycaps: Endgames | Browse Keycaps

Please consider joining the discord to talk, share feedback, report bugs or say hi: discord.gg/6XsJ6Cdts6

(I didn’t see any rules against advertising. I am very sorry if this is out of place.)


I took a quick look and it looks like a great idea. I currently own two keyboards and neither of them are available, but still a very cool idea.

I am going to spend some more time tomorrow taking a look. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you. I really appreciate it.

With an account, you can create the keyboards that are missing so you can add them to your collection. I am actively adding new keyboards, and keycap sets, daily. One area of weakness right now is artisans and desk mats since that isn’t an area I’m invested in myself.

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This is pretty great! I also like that there’s meta data for the boards and keycaps, super useful to have all that in one place.

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Yup. There is a ton of new features I plan on adding. The next feature I’m working on now are sale pages, where users can mark items in their collection for sale, then be able to automatically post them to a specific marketplace. For now, I’ll be focusing on r/mechmarket.

I tried to add a designer and vendor so I could list my boards, but they aren’t appearing in the drop-downs to select. When I try to add them again, it says they’re already there. Are those queued for manual review before becoming available? Thanks!

Exactly that. I just published your submissions. Thanks for your contributions bro. BTW, if you join the discord you can know immediately when they’re published: Endgames.io. If you refresh, the drop downs now you should see those vendors and designers.

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Awesome, thanks!

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I think my only other feedback would be to maybe make some of the more obscure fields optional for adding keyboards, if they can be edited or appended later. Like the typing angle, which some manufacturers don’t specify, and the mount type if we’re unsure and can’t find a reference anywhere. Those two might be a sticking point for some boards that might otherwise easily get added.

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I tried creating a board and a designer and vendor from within that page, but it wouldn’t let me submit because the newly created designer and vendor info didn’t register as being entered (“fix these two errors first”). I’d that makes sense.

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Thanks for this feedback. I will look into making specific fields optional.

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Thanks for calling this out.

I published the vendors and designers you created. Sorry if this wasn’t clear, but I need to manually approve new designers and vendors to prevent potential abuse. You can continue to create the keyboard.

Will there be a way to tag photos, videos, soundtracks with the case, keycap set, artisans, cables, switches etc. that are shown so people can see other builds that also use that? It would be great for inspiration.

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Ahh I see. Thanks, I’ll give it another go.

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Yup. Right now, you can create sound tests for a keyboard. In the process of creating a sound test, you can assign switches, plates, foams, mods, etc. Those attributes can then be used to filter and deep link. As users start posting their own photos of their collection items they will be merged into the homepage grid.

Furthermore, when you add a keyboard to your collection you can add the build details. These details notify other users about your build which is very informative.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

I ran into a problem just now, trying to add MT3 keysets. Looks like Drop isn’t a brand to choose from alongside GMK and SP, but I don’t see a way to add a brand, and it’s a required field. Can you add it to the drop-down? Thanks!

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Thanks for your suggestion! I added Drop as a keycap brand. You can create your sets now! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I think I made a mistake reading from my list just now; designer of SA Rocket is Rise, not skullydazed. Can you fix that for me?

Yes, I can. Thanks for calling it out. Data accuracy is very important. I appreciate your effort!

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