Funky Frankenswitches

That looks nice

BTW, I got a new switch tester with Zeal switches as well, but I really don’t like the linears… :confused:
They feel a tad bit more mushy and scratchy to me, and even after lube they feel almost the same as lubed gaterons. I much more prefer the Gateron inks… Just my two cents.

I tried a Franken switch but there’s way too much rattle and I couldn’t exactly get the housing of the gat to sit properly with the sakurio stem… Or vice versa.
It’s a failure on my newbie end…
Will be returning the switch testers back to my friend after this…
Gat inks it is. :grin:

EDIT: so someone on Reddit just mentioned that zeal switches and Gateron switch (non silent and silent inks) aren’t compatible stem or housing wise… So that’s why my experience was bad.
Is that true?

I believe so. Zeal has Gateron as their OEM but paid for their own tool to yeild switches with better tolerances.

The Cream steams on the Gat Yellow house, using the Gat yellows spring all lubed up with 205g0 is a solidly smooth switch. And I’ll definitely report back on the Creams with the INVRY stems.


I switched some switches while lubing and the Tiffany Ink is surprisingly smooth and quiet! :ok_hand::exploding_head::+1:

OK, I have only tried one in my hand, but the difference is noticeable I would say.


Better than stock?

Those Ink housings are pretty slick. I’d be curious to see some force curves between regular Gaterons, Inks, Tangies, and Zeals, where all other parts are the same aside from those housings. Maybe a Tealio stem, or some other smooth linear - and a pretty light spring. I’m interested to see if the data agrees with my perception, and if so, just what the difference is between them. Is it simply the amplitude of the little vibrations of the touching surfaces, or also the quality of them that might make a switch feel more or less smooth? What does Gateron know? What dark secrets lie within? What terrible bargains have been made??

Now where could my pipe be?


Kind of yes. The biggest thing is that it don’t bottom out so it will be the caps that say stop.

But a pretty expensive frankenswitch tho… :grimacing:

Would love to try’em on that lodestone-keyboard. :drooling_face:

Hi All,

I have a bunch of leftover old Cherry Blue Switches (of the pre-1994 light blue variety). Does anyone have experience with these switches?

If so, is there a modern Prokeytheus out there with suggestions for what stems might work well and bring new life to these housings?