[GB] 30wer by 8o7wer

The group buy is now closed

30wer by 8o7wer is here!
The gherkin style construction 30% staggered pcb kit.

It is a 30% staggered keyboard that uses a pro micro as a controller, I have the files for a teensy version which may go up on my shop in the future. The group buy will end in a week or longer, I will post updates on when it ends.


  • $25 for one.
  • $20 per kit for multiple.

Not including shipping.
MOQ is 5.


More info in group buy order form.

How to contact me:
Discord: 8o7wer#6269
Heatware: Trader Reviews for 8o7wer | HeatWare.com

If you have any questions you should talk to me over discord or reddit as I check those the most frequently.

I am aware my keebtalk and heatware account is new and the GB may seem kind of sketchy because of that, this is my first GB but I hope the amount of karma and how old my reddit account is is enough of proof that I am trustable.

Thank you and have a good day!


You mentioned a Pro micro compatable one, is there a reason this one isn’t compatible with a pro micro?

this is pro micro compatible, my edit messed up and Ill fix that now lol. I meant to say I have files for a teensy version.

This seems awesome! Looking forward to this becoming a reality!

Thanks! I had a lot of fun designing it.

Thanks for the clarification. Is there any plate for it, or is it just PCB and bottom plate?

There is a top pcb and bottom plate, think like a newer gherkin or ut47.

I would love to see a nice case for this one. Looks pretty cool.

Cool. I think I’ll be in for sure. After it hits MOQ, is there the potential for prices to drop?

Thats a definate maybe, Itl either be a small price drop or free us/canada shipping.

My local university has free public use laser cutters so I might be able to make a few but probably nothing to sell.

If this goes well then I’ll try to make a 3D printed case for mine.
It should not be that hard to do.

I have access to a 3d printer with work too, so I might try to make one up also.

Just to make sure, this doesn’t use a switch plate? So pcb mount switches are necessary?

EDIT: Also, do you offer international shipping?

I entered the group buy, i live in the EU, and he said that it would not be a problem shipping to EU.
I don’t know about shipping cost though.

I’ll always give a bump to other 30% layouts out there :slight_smile:

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This does use a switch plate made out of pcb. International is offerred but shipping isnt included in the price.

We are at 3 orders so we need 2 more before we hit moq.

I’m in for 2 kits then!

Awesome! Thank you so much!