[GB] Ikki68 Aurora

Neat! I’m digging the trend of intentionally designing a keeb around popular keycap colorways. Like the NK65 Milkshake and Olivia, I hope these keep the aesthetic going.

Charcoal & Mint also come in a Bluetooth. Everything is the same as above, only the QMK wired PCB (Fairbanks) is swapped with the Bluetooth PCB (Tromso). Battery not included.

Variable Gasket Mount System

  • There are 10 chips with gaskets on top that snap on to the bottom case. Chips B, D, G and J are optional. Install more chips for a firmer type feel, and install fewer for a bouncier feedback.

January 29, 2021: Chinese GB launches Jan 30, 2021. Waiting for streamers to receive their units and stream their build before launching international group buy.



I like the flexibility in the PCB and this is one of my favorite layouts, especially for keycap compat. The price is right too.


They do have a very nice setup here for a great price. I haven’t gotten in on any of these entry level boards myself yet, the Mizu one looks so tempting!

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I am very tempted to try this. It ticks a lot of cool boxes for me. I like the layout, it would be my first gasket, optional mounting points is dope, great price! I just feel like I have to many boards and don’t know what I would give up to make room. :scream:


I don’t need another keyboard, I don’t need another keyboard, I don’t need…


Agreed. I get the vibe a ton of thought went into this GB. I really want to know what these “chips” are all about.

pretty soon we’re going to circle all the way back to pre-builts


There is this hidden gem in the kitting table: “SA & KAT Mizu extras and GMK Mizu R2 - all scheduled for this year.” Noice.


True. It does dilute the individualism a bit. On the bright side, it’ll give “pre-builts” a better name. :nerd_face:

Is there a difference between a pre-built and kit? If it’s hotswap and I’m just putting things together, is that still considered a pre-built? Just curious.

The original run was Ikki68. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Discord. From what I’ve seen people have been happy with how the previous GB was run.


i think hot swap is still a kit, imo a pre-built is the whole package: case, switches, caps, pcb, plate, etc all assembled, all you gotta do is take it out of the box and plug it in.


Yeah, I think that’s a fair distinction. Membership in the solder hobby shouldn’t preclude folks feeling like they built a thing (especially if they frankenswitched and lubed and foamed and all that kind of stuff), imo. Different build process, sure, but still a build imo


We already have pre-builts. Quite a few people have their customs built for them and take delivery of fully functional boards as many streamers can attest to :slight_smile:


What? Seriously? They assemble it for you? I don’t remember that being part of the description!

EDIT: Oh, you are talking about the concept of a pre-built in general. Yeah, I thought the Aurora would require assembly. What I could use clarification on is whether the default kit is a solderable PCB, or if hotswap is the default.

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This is the most tempting thing ever.

I already have a KBD67 Lite coming, it’s charcoal, so I’ll be getting the Mint Aurora.

It would probably go well with 9009, Matcha keycaps, the black MT3.


Tbh I think the badge thing is kind of ugly, the form factor already isn’t for me, but even if it was I would probably pass because of the badge.


100%. The Ikki68 GB was faultless. Fantastic Discord, loads of updates and real care taken over it. Plus it is a great keyboard and came incredibly quickly. Gold standard for Group Buys. I’m all in for the Aurora.


FWIW I think a blank badge option was available in original Ikki68 GB, so my guess is that would be available for this one too.


Yeah the original alu one had a badgeless option - https://mech.land/products/ikki68-a-stock-b-stock-extras?variant=37251966075033

However I am not sure if the plastic one will be badgeless. They had to make a mold to create all these and I am assuming they only made one, which would have the space for a badge. The nice thing is I think they are opening it up so the community can make badges. Sounds like they might have a badge “store” too, so you could find one you like.

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