[GB] the Heavy Grail, a Norbauer housing for the HHKB

does the bluetooth work okay in the grail? I like being able to swap to bluetooth so I can type longer texts on my phone :slight_smile:

Can’t say for sure! I used a pro classic for the build and kept the 25th edition Hybrid Type-S untouched in box just for the sake of collection. I’d love to know as well though, would be a nice feature to have

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Ha, that’s what I was planning to do as well. Don’t wanna take the 25th edition one apart :frowning:


I got my Hi Pro set from KBDFANS today. I’ll have a dedicated post later, but just writing to say don’t consider these for the heavy grail.

A few good things about them but a lot of problems, most notably housing interference on the Q and A rows.


Mine got delivered today, but not home. How are they so far?

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Mini review here


What silencing rings and lube were used here?

How are thing looking for the PC version? Is that still on track for Black Friday? If everything is planned, would the discoloring for the pink plates be visible given that you see slightly more with the pc case? I would love to have a pc board with pink plate :slight_smile:

Only just this week I was able to firm up that I’ll be able to offer a limited one-time-only batch available on US Thanksgiving day, which I’ll announce to my email list when it’s up. The manufacturing on these is actually complete and they are already in transit, but we likely won’t be able to ship until early next year, as we’re still waiting on some other components like the retail boxes, and assembly on the Grails takes a lot of time. Half of them will have clear polycarbonate plates and the other half will be white ABS.


Clear Polycarbonate plate sounds amazing.

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Still waiting on that separate thread. Still moving forward?

Had the same issues as you. I’m not sure if its the same for you, but on both my JA and Base Sets, both the “N” and “M” keys would be stuck on the plate and would not rebound.

Will the PC Grails support Pro2 and “Pro3”

The 23u housing is being prototyped in aluminum and steel right now. Once I’ve got something to show that I’m happy with I’ll definitely create a thread. :slight_smile:


Pro 3 only, I’m sorry to say. Sales of the Pro 2 were relatively very weak due to the limited contemporary availability of those models, so it’s hard to justify making them again. Apologies to the Pro 2 diehards. :pray:t2:


Fantastic news on the GOCF Heavy Grail!!

On the topic of the GOCF series, how are the Norbaforce Mark III 2021 GOCF’s coming along?

Manufacturing is complete on the GOCF Norbaforces and we actually have the housings on hand right now—and have for a while—but we’re just now waiting on retail boxes to put them in. It’s honestly somewhat maddening to have everything but this relatively trivial final component, but sea shipments have been crazy slow this year and sadly there isn’t anything we can do to speed things up once the parts are en route. :expressionless: If anybody is in a rush (for a gift or whatever) and wants to forgo getting a retail box, just shoot us an email and we can send yours right away.


Thanks for the update Ryan! I’m happy to wait for the box, those boxes are really nice


Same. I actually finally wrote their customer service just few weeks back, as it started going beyond your standard, round-the-mill unprofessional at some point. Zero updates or replies to queries for months on end, descriptions (still now) stating that images are mockups subject’ to change. A bit silly. Own their BIIP extended and the quality left something to be desired; hoping this one will be an improvement.

I have ordered from KBDFans numerous times in the past and always get my stuff, but as with sadly a lot of keyboard companies, I’ve not heard great things about their customer service. Some of this might be language or cultural issues, but I think it’s also they seek to aim to be more a high-volume, mass-market seller, and when you’re in that market it’s hard to afford take a lot of time engaging with clients by email. (Companies like Novelkeys are shining counter-examples.) They might just make a conscious calculation that some emails that aren’t related directly to making a new sale aren’t worth answering, especially if it’s a question they have answered on Discord or elsewhere and assume you should somehow magically know where to look (which isn’t really reasonable, especially for us Discord non-users). It’s unfortunate, but maybe understandable at some level given the volume of emails they and similar sellers must get, even if not quite excusable. I always just like to remind people that, even for the biggest sellers (not me), keyboard stuff is always super niche and low-volume from the perspective of most factories we have to work with, so the end result is that the business is very high-complexity and low-margin. So, I don’t know, I guess I’m feeling a sort of empathy from the perspective of someone who tries to do this kind of stuff myself why a company like that might be a little curt or non-responsive, even though we try to handle things differently.

Not that we don’t sometimes take a couple of days to respond to emails when we’re inundated (we suck sometimes!), but that’s also why I never want to be in a market where I might need to be making those kinds of difficult calculations intentionally. :blush: Here’s to the excellent customer service that comes with failure. Haha.