[GB] Tribosys 3203 Thin Switch Lubricant

Link to Tribosys 3203 GB: 5mL Tribosys 3203 Switch Lubricant | Switchmod Keyboards

Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce that the group buy for Tribosys 3203 Switch lubricant is officially underway! The group buy will run for 21 days, until August 28th.

Tribosys 3203 is a Krytox™ GPL 203 Grade 0 Equivalent produced by the chemical company Miller-Stephenson. It is intended as a specialized, low-thickness switch lubricant. This is an answer to those who were asking me for a thinner lube.

Tribosys 3203 is a semifluid grease, retaining the desirable qualities of popular lubricant blends in the community while being much more stable due to not being two different substances. However, keep in mind that stability is not a guarantee with this product, as getting thinner does detriment the stability of lubricants in general.

Each vial of lubricant contains 2ml of Tribosys 3203. 2ml of lubricant is enough to cover ~100 switches. You will easily be able to cover more if your technique is consistent.

This group buy has 3 pricing tiers.

  • 500 @ $6.49
  • 750 @ $6.00
  • 1000 @ $5.49

If any further pricing tiers are met during the group buy, the difference will be refunded afterward. If the group buy does not reach MOQ all orders will be refunded.

This group buy will run until August 28th.

The estimated shipping date is 2 months from payment, on October 28. You will probably get the lube much sooner but I have given myself a lot of leeways as I’ve got some significant living space changes coming in the next month.

After this group buy, the product will enter permanent sale at group buy price on my site, so please don’t go full FOMO or buy this lubricant with the intention of flipping it.

If you want to read more about Tribosys 3203, you can click on the IC thread here → https://redd.it/8zna18

If you want to participate in the group buy, you can click here → 5mL Tribosys 3203 Switch Lubricant | Switchmod Keyboards

Thank you, everyone, for all of your support on the IC thread! It really reassured me that the market is ready for another lube. I hope my reassurances weren’t misplaced.

Bryan, Switchmod.net


Definitely ordered some of dat.

Thanks for sharing! Definitely picking some up.

I’m in for this, gotta lube my sluts, I mean slots.

BTW what about 3204, you mentioned on reddit you had a supply that is 20 years old with some separation issues. Do you have something more fresh in stock?

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I don’t think you read that correctly.

Very nice! Is this good lube for making some Ergo Clears? Should I use a different kind of lube for the spring?

Really depends on the immediacy of your situation. You may not get this stuff for a couple months.

The lube itself is quite nice on tactiles, however, the amount of sound it dampens might not be ideal for everyone. It’s thin enough to increase smoothness with less tactility diminished but leaves a lot of room for clack because it’s so thin.

It depends if you’re after the lube “sound” or the lube “feel.”


Hehe, I’ve read it now again, you’re absolutely right.

How come your Krytox 205 is not under Tribosys nomenclature?

It’s not the same thing. It’s similar in the sense that it’s lube and is based on some of the properties of the krytox lube but that’s about it.

Hm, what do you mean not the same thing? All three of them are Krytox products.

Tribosys 3203 - Krytox 203
Tribosys 3204 - Krytox 204

I just mean that it is its own blend similar to krytox but they’re separate products that are comparable. I guess equivalent would be a better phrase to use.

The reason one would go with Tribosys is the availability, price, and stability of the lube without having to make your own mix.

It’s actually a product regularly produced by Chemours. The others, while using a Krytox formula and are produced by a Krytox distributor, don’t have the same seal of approval due to us not having enough pull for Chemours to notice us.


What would be the best choice for Topre in your opinion? 204 or 205?

I’ll try this new one 203 on Zilents and see how that works out.

Whichever one you can get. It seems to not make as much a difference on topre.

Thanks! Then, between 3203 and 3204, which one would you recommend for Ergo Clears?

3203 is better for feel, but it’s a bit louder.

3204 is better for quietness but diminishes the tactilty slightly more than 3203 would.

Ultimately it’s up to your time frame.

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Good luck with the group buy. i just placed my order. thank you for bringing this to the community.

grabbed some and some other stuff as well.

But not in the same order… right?

@Switchmod_Keyboards how’s the GB going? Do you have any numbers on purchase quantity?