[IC] EnjoyPBT Slate

EnjoyPBT Slate (formerly GMK Slate, which was formerly GMK Concrete)

Working on getting to run through EnjoyPBT with help from KBDFans.

This is Slate.

The name Slate is a reference to both the color of the set and the fact that you can mix and match this set with others for unique looks. Using the shades between 9009/Muted/OG Cherry sets and the Dolch family, this GMK keyset provides a rock solid base on which to customize.

Also offered alongside EnjoyPBT Slate, Cartel is offering PB modifiers.

PB draws its inspiration from the mid-90’s Packard Bell logo:

The three colors, GMK V1 and TU2 and Pantone 2726C, will be featured as an add-on to the main set, similar to the CMY and RGB packs.

Color Codes:

  • Base: 2B
  • Mods: Pantone P 173-15 C
  • Legends: CR
  • Accents: GMK V1, TU2, and Pantone 2726C

Base Kit

Ortho Kit

International Kit

Thanks to Gok for the hard work on the new legends.

Base - $120
Ortho - $25
International - $25

Sold in the US by cartel.ltd
Sold in the EU by mykeyboard.eu
Sold elsewhere by KBDFans


Finally, a good-looking PBT set! I’m in.

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I’m in.

I love how more epbt sets are coming.


So many great epbt sets. Love it

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If this is running through KBDFans as an ePBT set, is there the possibility of an international kit?

KBDFans will be the international proxy. What sort of international kit do you have in mind?

Like the 9009 or BoW ones epbt did

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ne windowed keys avail?

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Count me in. This is perfect. What do you mean by having “legends updated”? Just in the pic you send to KBDFans?

I’m in for this set. :slight_smile:

EPBT will be using new, “fixed” legends from now on. There were some inconsistencies with sizing, rotation, etc that are being worked on.


Mandatory NorDe fanatic checking in, please consider creating a set for us. :slight_smile:
Also, if one could have a wishlist - a Colvrak set would be awsome as well.

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Yup. I am in for this (if i have any money)

Love the theme of this set. I’m assuming that the legends are dyesub?

Yes, EnjoyPBT is dyesub

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Does EPBT do windowed keys?

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Was in for GMK Slate and I’m in for this.

epbt 9009 has em

Pretty sure this is a must-buy for me.