[IC] EnjoyPBT Slate


Any chance we can get R3 PgUp, R4 PgDn to cover the WhiteFox/NightFox default layout?


I’m definitely down for this, I was hoping for GMK Slate for a long time but it’s cool to see it come to fruition in this form


Any chance at adding a few more keys to provide planck support?

R1 1u: Shift, Enter, Raise, Lower, 2 blanks (alphas color)
R1 2u: 1 blank (alphas color)
R2 1u: Escape
R3 1u: Tab, Backspace

Otherwise, the set looks great. Colorway looks nice!


wow if this gets an international kit as well, this will be another epbt set I’ll get




Thank you! That’s excellent news


Sadly no, to me it’s not worth adding these keys for the few people who will use them


Yeah I hear ya. Good luck with the GB!


That is a gorgeous monochrome ePBT set. Might need to add it to my ever growing PBT collection!


Ahh dang. Any chance of an add on pack (for additional cost) of the blanks similar to the 9009? I think there are a decent amount of people who would pay the extra 15-20 bucks to get the correct rows of blanks (guessing on cost here based on international pack price).


I would pay for a blanks add-on pack (would hopefully include modifier and accent colors) to fit a Planck.


This is another no-brainer, instabuy set IMO.


I’ll look into it


Awesome! I appreciate you looking into it.


Looking fantastic. Followed Concrete from initial inception and I still love the PB colours. Looking forward to colour samples.


Decided to make a small Planck kit, will work on adding some other 40% keys


this or gmk monochrome hmmm


Looks clean and neutral! Will definitely work on any board! I’m in. I love PBT sets!


What the drunk old man said @hineybush


I realized R3 PgUp and R4 PgDn have been part of this set all along, I just missed them. That said, I’ll definitely be joining.