[IC] EnjoyPBT Slate


Yeah reading is OP - I shouldn’t be on the forum while at work, lol.

However, the image does look good. The pipe symbol reminds me of an old tandy computer my dad had when I was kid (the way the legend is really close to the border).

The only legend that looks funky is the octothorpe, but I really think that’s just the angle of the photo making it look weird, lol.


Dude, this set is going to be an instant classic.


Those look great!

I know its probably too late, but is there any chance at adding a R3 Backspace arrow key to the ortho kit? I pretty sure most Planck/Preonic users have their Backspace key on this row, so it would probably be used by everyone who buys the kit.


This looks fantastic so far, very interested to see how the colored mods turn out.


Vs. GMK Muted

Vs. OG Dolch (same colors as GMK Dolch)

Vs. GMK 9009 R2 (mention the crooked Fn and you’re banned from all sales, there’s no PCB in that board)

Another Dolch pic

Vs. similar GMK color chips

Pantone Cyan vs. GMK TU2 (is supposed to be different)


The colors look fantastic! Can’t wait to get my grubby hands on a set of my own. Thanks as always for the update.


Definitely joining this when the GB opens.


Looks great. I dig the colors.
Did you just get the TKL Kit as a sample?
Would love to see all the legends and that they’re fine.

I still think the legends on the [,],\ keys look a biit far on the left but that’s
probably because those symbols are thin and all alpha legends are supposed to be that far left.
But it certainly looks closer to the left edge then the M


I got the full kit minus the red and darker blue keys bc the factory hasn’t finished them yet. I’ll be going through each cap and will be compiling a list of legend to adjust. Those keys you mentioned have already been adjusted by the artist I believe.


@hineybush Samples look sweet!

To my eyes, the color of the alphas seems a bit darker than renders. It does look pretty close to the 2B color code/chip from your original post. Are you planning any tweaks to the colors or just adjusting legends at this point?


I think it has to do with lighting. Note the color shift between pics, and also compare Hiney’s to the Kbdfans pic which I thought looked too light. Honestly I wouldn’t prefer if the set looks like the latest pics while sitting on my keyboard.


Nah, these are exactly the colors I was hoping for.


PTT… Love these muted sets


Any info on when this group buy will start?


See above


Very anxious for this to start! <3 Any progress to report? With tariffs and CNY just after the new year, global production is a mess looking forward


Waiting on the new samples to be delivered to me.


Need this. For whatever reason I exclusively buy ePBT sets.