[IC] KAM/DSA/XDA Imperator

Hey everyone! This is a first interest check for the first set I’ve designed, Imperator! As you can guess, it’s Roman themed, in particular Roman Military.

As this is my first set, I’ve really tried to keep it simple with only three kits: Base, Imperial, and Blanks. I know SA profile would maybe fit the theme better, but I love the flat profile compatibility and feel, so I am leaning towards that right now…

And now, I tried my best at a first render! Had some issues with the arrows and some of the key orientations…but for someone who opened render for the first time a week ago, I hope it’s good enough to give you an idea of what it could look like.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Based on some feedback from ChrisSwires, I’m opening a poll to see if people have a big preference between some different profiles! This would of course depend on factors like manufacturing and whatnot, but I want to hear what people prefer since I’ve only ever typed on XDA!

  • DSA
  • XDA
  • KAM

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Okay thanks for the feedback everyone, I really like the full Roman Numerals too, adds to the uniqueness of the set!

I opened up a poll on Massdrop to try and get even more feedback, if you have a minute and are interested please go vote over there!!


Love the palette, the colours are lovely and warm inch, and I even quite like the novelties (which is rare for me!).

Any thoughts on perhaps DSA over XDA? Is XDA your typing preference?

Hey thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I actually have never typed on DSA, from what I understand it’s similar to XDA but XDA has a bit more surface area/is rounder? I wouldn’t be against DSA, is there an advantage to it or does it really come down to feel?

I’m a massive DSA fan personally so I’m biased. From conversations I’ve had around the community I think the general preference is towards DSA over XDA (as you say the primary differences are a slight change in height and that XDA has a broader top, DSA is also slightly concave).

There’s also KAM (keyreative’s new DSA like profile) which could be considered, and all 3 have the compatibility advantage.

If you’re not tied to a particular profile though, instead of listening to me, a die hard DSA fan haha, I’d suggest you poll in the post maybe?

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Awesome yeah happy to add in a poll! I’m not too fussed between DSA and XDA (or even this KAM I’ve never even heard of!) since they both keep maximum compatibility. It would probably come down to what people prefer, and if there are manufacturing constraints or anything. But awesome, thanks for the feedback, I’m going to try and throw in a poll!

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No problems and again, love the set. Really dig the nemeral numpad too.

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I’m afraid I don’t get this joke :slight_smile:?

Haha, Kat is keyreative’s other new profile, it’s a sculpted spherical, kinda like half height SA I think?

Sorry, I was making a little joke on your options list, notably because you have KAM profile, but not KAT, though based on the 3 options, it seems you are only aiming for a flat profile. Nothing wrong with that, though! I’ve been using KAT lately and really enjoying it. haha

Ah no worries understood :slight_smile: Yeah I’m looking for a flat profile I think, but thanks for explaining!

I won’t suggest a profile as I haven’t received my XDA or KAM sets yet, but I really do like the look of this set! Can’t wair to see a potential go date so I could pick them up

Colours reminder me quite a bit of @koduh 's JTK Sundevil

I like it tho!

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It’s also a lot like an inverted Maxkeys Berserk but I think that’s alright. I’d also vote for DSA if only to have better mix and match support with other sets.

Yeah I had someone else mention that it was similar to this set and you’re both right, there are similarities. I think the red and yellow are both a bit more subtle, especially the yellow which tends towards gold/copper, and the red which is more like blood than maroon, but there are definite similarities! Thanks for the feedback!

While there are some color similarities between your proposed set & some other recently run ones, I personally feel the major differences in theme makes that a moot point. Going with the Roman Legion theme I really can’t think of any other colors that would work as well as the ones you’ve selected. For profile I voted on XDA, although I have yet to try KAM, because I have come to like it quite a bit more than DSA. Anyways I’m definitely digging this ideal & will be keeping an eye how this IC goes! :metal:

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KAM really sounds interesting, when I talked to zFrontier they told me that they wanted to use this profile as a DSA replacement although I am not sure they will completely drop DSA.

That said, KAM wins my vote, specially since i know the Keyset will be made by Keyreative and they make some really nice stuff!

Interesting, you think I should try to talk to Keyreative/zFrontier to be manufacturer/vendor for this? I was kind of hoping I could use Massdrop since it seems the simplest for a first time designer, but I’m not really sure what the next step even is. Do I reach out to Keyreative to see if they would be interested in manufacturing?

You can reach out to zFrontier. They have an exclusivity agreement with Keyreative I think, so you will most likely have to talk to them to get more info. Alex from zFrontier is super helpful so I’d recommend sending him a message :slight_smile:

As the guy behind Sun Devil, I think your design is great! Themes are different for sure. Good luck with your IC! :kissing_heart: