Interesting Finds & Heads-Ups

Oh nice!

Now they need to reduce amethyst too :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they had Amethyst on sale a couple weeks ago, but the price was still too high. Maybe they will do a deep cut when they are still sitting on $220 base kits a few months from now.

65% with macros seems like the next hot layout. Man those are some big bezels though… maybe that is the other trend coming back? Hibiki has some thicc bezels too.


Man, I hope so. 65xt is my new grail form factor, I think.

Crap… I bought this at it’s original price :cry:

Same here. Someone has to keep Kono afloat I suppose, lol.


This is my daily visit board. I just thought I would ask here:

“What are you excited about that is coming up?”

I know I’m excited to see:

Mr. Norbauer’s new work come to fruition.
NovelKeys clicky cream switches.
MTNU keycaps from GMKxMatt3o
Progress on Project Ursa caps from @Andreas

Maybe we could revitalize the thread here? Not sure, some of these things aren’t really group buys:


I’m super hesitant to have a ton of boards all using different stabs for some reason, but these look really promising despite already moving over to TX for their PCB flexibility. I guess they’re made entirely from this super soft plastic. They got a bit of a Staebies vibe too.


What do you do with your left over stabs then? I feel like I frequently have one left over.

I recently made a board with three different stab brands :joy: It was odd, but it came out ok.


I have a very unintentional collection of 7Us and an assortment of 2Us from just about every set C³ Equalz offers. I guess the universe is telling me to Tsangan it for a while. Lol. I wouldn’t have to buy any new sets for a hot minute that’s for sure. Since TX doesn’t just give you a 7U, I’m hoping things get a bit more manageable moving forward.

I think I’m going to just start cherry-picking the best three 2U sets and chuck the leftover one since sometimes even TX tolerances aren’t always consistent – especially wires.


Interesting - HDPE is the stuff used for cutting boards, milk jugs, and so on - pretty soft at a small scale. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on how well they dampen if you go for the Stabbers.

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Can we get a founder/mod to rename the thread? Honestly, it’s a not that long, you could always create a new one.

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IDK, we have that thread and this one here. Maybe it’s already enough. I know some news of upcoming cool stuff shows up in here fairly often. Was just feeling like there was a lull in new cool stuff and wanted to see what others were excited about :slight_smile:


The KBD67 V3 is now available as its own kit, rather than just an additional case option for the Lite.

Notes on the keeb

The Lite and V3 use all the same internals except for the aftermarket silicone weight that only fits the plastic version, and the battery size is different if you go for the bluetooth version. All the rest is shared - so any aftermarket plate meant for the Lite will also fit this keeb, for example. It also fits nicely into the carrying case designed for the Lite.

This kit will sound and feel quite different from the Lite - it’s obviously heavier, but also more rigid and all other things being equal, leans towards a less resonant, higher pitch than the Lite. These use the same painted brass weight that the Bella does, so you can make them a bit more heavy if that’s your thing. The Light tends to surprise people by just how light it is, being featherweight compared to an NK65EE, for example - this, on the other hand, has caught all my buds off-guard with how weighty it is.

I think it’s a great little keeb with lots of aftermarket support, but it’s not perfect. I managed to fry an LED on mine with static discharge during these cold months, and the middle seam looks a bit like an afterthought; I’d have added some bevel there. If there’s such a thing as a utilitarian aluminum “gasket” mount keeb, this is probably it. Genuinely nice, but not precious.


The mirror polish version is pretty nice for that price.

Very excited to see that MTNU will be PBT and from GMK no less!

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I’m tentatively excited for the Cream Clicky, but definitely going to wait until there are some solid reviews before spending 90 cents/switch on them. I had super high hopes for the Mute Jade switches and I felt like they didn’t live up to the promise of being quiet nor Jade-like.


Keychron is taking orders for the K3 Pro keyboard, which is notable for being wireless and sporting QMK/VIA. I’m hoping this is a sign that they’ll bring wireless QMK/VIA to their non-low-profile boards in the future.


On the one hand, this probably had the most luke-warm reception of any MT3 set.

On the other, that’s a full MT3 set on sale for twenty-five bucks, y’all


Wonder if it could look good mixed with another MT3 set. Also, what if you dyed it with some other color? Lol