Kayak - A 65% DIY Keyboard


I have what is likely a dumb question. but I am going to ask it anyways.

Looking at the Tada68 PCB supported bottom rows (https://kbdfans.cn/products/tada68-assembly-services), it appears the following bottom rows are supported:

  • 1.5U+1.5U+7U+1U+1U+1U
  • 1.5U+1.5U+7U+1.5U+1.5U
  • 1.25U+1.25U+1.25U+6.25U+1.5U+1.5U
  • default layout. 1.25U+1.25U+1.25U+6.25U+1U+1U+1U

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the pics in the OP sure looks like

  • 1.25U+1.25U+1.25U+6.25U+1.25U+1.25U+.5blocker+1U+1U+1U

Are my eyes deceiving me, or is this actually a supported config on the Tada68 PCB? If Tada68 doesn’t support that, what will?


That is just their assembly service, since they do not have a case with a blocker, they do not assemble it that way. The PCB 100% supports this layout.


Well damn (both good and bad). I recently ordered a plate with their default bottom row for the Tada68 kit I save sitting in my closet from Laserboost that will support PCB mounted stabs at the spacebar. Looks like it’s time to consider a second build with the bottom row I really want.

I feel like we have already discussed this, but my mind is complete shite (and if we have discussed, I sincerely apologize). Is QMK difficult to configure to pick this config up?


If you are using a TADA68 PCB you are welcome to use the existing Web configurator if QMK is too much for you to figure out.

Although the new QMK configurator sure has made things nicer, the TADA has extra steps in converting the final .hex final into a .bin file.



Really impressed with the work gone into this. I’m currently looking at this for my first mech, primarily because I enjoy the DIY aspect of most things I do, but also because the look of it.

I donated to get access to the files and have started to modify them as required for the local laser cutting services I’ve found online (outline colours, etc), but before sending them off for quotes, I was wondering how far off the v3.1 files are, as I’d prefer to keep it as simple as possible between getting a quote and having it done, as well as any modifications they may request.



I’ve not used QMK before in any capacity, but I need to bite the bullet and figure it out as many of the PCBs I am interested in can be configured using it.

Is using a non-default layout for my first go around with GMK a good idea? Probably not. But I’m really good at pursuing bad ideas :slight_smile:


QMK is amazing. I try to avoid keyboards without it these days.

Using a non-default layout will provide the same challenges on any board. Mainly remembering the layout. It shouldn’t be a problem if its a layout you are already used to and if its not, it will be the same challenge as if you had not used QMK (with the exception that QMK can do more non default stuff if you want to go deeper on that front).

I say go for it.


I probably should have asked this earlier. Does anybody have the QMK config completed for the Tada68 to change it’s layout to support the Canue lbottom row layout with the blocker? I’m trying to figure this out on my own (with the help of some bery nice people), but I’d like to get this done right instead of me doing it :slight_smile:


has anyone tried to make this into an iso layout ? I would like to make it that way but would love to know if it is possible with the current design or not before ordering lasercut plates


V3 Includes an iso plate

Can’t figure out what these are for. A replacement to the hex head bolts ?


Has anyone officially tried out the whitefox pcb for this case?


Is that a clear acrylic plate on top of the wood? And another blue acrylic plate beneath the wood?

I can see some blue peeking up around the arrow keys – not from the PCB?


I’m working on one and can let ya know


It is clear top, engraved wood, blue switch plate, white middle sections, wood bottom.


There was already a question for the Tada68 PCB, and answered, regarding the bottom row. I have a similar question, just about the backspace. Starring long at the PCB photos and looking long for any split backspace examples, it seems to me Tada68 PCB only supports a single 2u backspace? No splitting!?

Would be a pity, as I got used the split backspace on my TKL and 60%ters… Otherwise, heads up to this project and choosing an easily available PCB…

Can anyone confirm this? Is the White Fox PCB available to order separately instead (which I guess should support QMK as well)?


I think you are correct about the TADA,

Kono has the white fox PCB on their site, I have not (and cannot confirm due to page restrictions at work) checked recently if it is in stock, and if I recall @Shoko_Aoi (sorry if not) was looking into fitting this PCB into the existing design without modification.




Sadly it doesn’t support a split backspace. It oddly supports a backspace just 1u to the right instead though… odd choice I know.

Another confirmed PCB is the Noxary 268 PCB. I have checked the CAD layouts of that pcb and it fits in this case.


I just basically checked if the PCB fits inside, which it does in theory because of the open source PCB file, just the USB cutout will not exactly be in the center with the USB port, but the cutout is big enough to where it’d work it seems.


November 2018 Update

Quick Update on the Kayak keyboard files.

  • V2 - Still great and thoroughly tested at this point.
  • V3 - I have found a couple of incorrect dimensions on the V3 files that have been available as well. When I have a fix for those (mainly the feet are too long) I will send new copies of the files back to those whom have downloaded them already. These will be released as a V3.x version as soon as I have some cut and perfected.

Availability of Files:

There will be a temporary pause in availability of the digital downloads. My store front tool (Plasso.co) was purchased by GoDaddy and shutting down their service to fix GoDaddy’s current pile of poop they offer. :slight_smile:

That being said I am currently looking for an inexpensive alternative to migrate my stuff to. Feel free to PM me if you have any ideas. Payhip.com is intriguing for me at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Kayak Keyboard project. Much love :heart: !