Kayak - A 65% DIY Keyboard


Good looks. Thanks for the inspiration


Sorry for the long delay guys. @koduh @DasGnome @PMSingChicken

I had some laser trouble earlier this week. Cutting some new materials and found one that didn’t get along.

Anyways… I was able to get it up and running again this evening and re-cut one of the two new plates. Here it is, with an ORG60 PCB thrown under to check fitment. LOOKS GOOD!

Tracking numbers going out tomorrow guys! Thanks for your patience!


No worries, thank you!


Does anyone have a list of PCBs that’s been confirmed to be compatible with the Kayak with the stock layout in the CAD files? It seems that the Tada68 is the only one I found and maybe the Whitefox PCB (but the little snippets on the sides of the USB port, the area I circled in red, may be a problem).


The Sentraq 65% PCB should work as well: Sentraq 65% RGB Underglow PCB

Edit: Oh or maybe not. I’m not sure if it supports 2x1.25U on the right of the spacebar.


It doesn’t, the 22mini-B PCB is also out of the question. Zeal65 is middle USB cutout.


Why is the 22mini-B out of the question?
USB cutout is on the left and it should support 2x1.25U on the right of the spacebar.
I have a B.mini (75%) which supports it (even it’s not shown on the page) and the cutouts
of the 22mini-B seems to be the same.


it had the layout options towards the bottom of the page at winkeyless.kr and it didn’t have that as an option, but maybe they did forget to put that layout on there.


@Shoko_Aoi - There is room in the case for the WhiteFox PCB though I have not tested the fitment. I am also ordering a few Noxary 268.2 PCBs to try out instead of the TADAs.


Will this support the tada68 ISO layout ? It is not really clear to me from the comments here.
Also can anyone recommend a good, cheap laser cutting service in Europe?


@Waven @Shoko_Aoi @mechkeys.tech If the PCB can fit inside the case, I can modify the plate for any layout or for any USB cutout position with a few quick measurements of the PCB.


@beep The tada68 pcb is the same for iso/ansi so it is more a matte of whether it supports iso enter, and the split left shift. in the plate etc. you can see the layout here https://kbdfans.cn/products/tada68-mechanical-keyboard-65-iso-layout


I can certainly make a plate compatible with that PCB. Shouldn’t be an issue at all.


do you ship to Europe and what would the price then be ?


@mechkeys.tech I usually don’t, I prefer to ship to a US proxy, but I got your PM so I’ll reply soon.


@DasGnome @PMSingChicken

Your replacement plates have shipped out and you should have gotten the tracking via email. Let me know if you have any issues at all.

Thanks guys!


The drawing was taken from here to check if the Whitefox PCB is compatible with the Kayak, and it seems like it is! The gap between the PCB and the walls of the Kayak is about 1mm on all sides. The USB-C port seems like it would be a bit tighter on the right side of the case tho compared to the left.


Got it in this morning and already built :slight_smile: The plate fits into the PCB perfectly. The new plate isn’t quite the same white as the other pieces (it’s a bit grey-er with a smoother texture), but I’ll live. My only real niggle is that the blocker on the top two pieces should be spaced maybe 1.5mm to the right because it’s not perfectly centered; I’m not heart broken over it though. Thanks a bunch!!

If anyone else does this, I recommend lubing the stabilizer wire cutouts. I only did it on my spacebar, but I think I have some roughness on the other keys from not doing it.
I also need to file my screws down because they are slightly too long. lol


Sorry about the white mis-match. I swear I asked the guys at the acrylics place for the same “white” as before… maybe they got a different batch in. Either way, I apologize about that! It’s something for me to keep my eyes open for going forward.

I did correct the blocker parts for future cases, I didn’t even think that those would be off along with the plate… but it totally makes sense.


For anyone needing laser work from me I have some unfortunate news to report: Shutting down my laser work... at least for now