Kayak - A 65% DIY Keyboard


Does anyone know exactly what kind’s of nuts are used in the photos? The bolts and the nuts are the same link.


I had trouble finding metric screws that would fit well in my case locally. While they suggest using m2.5 machine screws and .4mm bolts of the same diameter, I found that US screw sizes #3 and #4 should work, I ended up using #4 machine screws and nuts fit fairly well (if a little tight), and my local hardware store had lots of options to choose from. I brought the case with me to the store to try and find things that fit.


I wonder if threaded inserts would work as an alternative to having screws protruding from the bottom of the case with exposed nuts holding them on. https://www.ezlok.com/e-z-knife-inserts-for-hard-wood


Just got the parts I needed in! Just some stuff so you guys know, the whitefox pcb officially fits and tested! Secondly, the bolts mentioned above are a slight bit too long and you will need to grind them down just a little bit so that they don’t hold up the case. If anyone has any questions about the build, feel free to pm me


I looked for all sorts of fasteners to look the most elegant and didn’t have much luck. I admit that the fasteners are the biggest weakness of this project and hope to find a good alternative myself.


Thanks for sharing your findings… I admit the fasteners I used are pretty lame. I would love to find some threaded barrel type countersunk fasteners for this.