KBDF X BIIP Ex - Should I just?

I’m a bit new to caring or following this sort of thing, but I know there aren’t many EC caps available. I see these from kbdf and like the Torii, probably the only topre set I see on this site worth anything to me.

Are these usually available? Can I just wait for something else? Or am I best off just getting these while they’re in. I’ve always wanted a set of actually cool caps but my hhkb begs to differ.

Probably get while the getting is good. There are not a lot of options out there for aftermarket Topre caps.

I’ve got two sets of their high-profile caps for my boards that I got when they were in stock. I’m a little nervous because a more recent Topre offering from KBDFans was not very well done.

They aren’t the best. The stem on my F10 broke after mounting once. Luckily I had the icons. Unfortunately Topre keycaps are few and far between.


This pretty much smells like I’ll just sleep on these. Also, love the 91uw, I’ve got my eyes on a 87uw… or for a third of that a FC980M for work :\

I bought these and the caps have a lot more texture to them but they feel lighter than the stock caps and have more spacing between the keys. The sound signature is also higher pitched. I ended up switching back to the stock keycaps just for the deeper sound signature but they definitely look amazing.


Kk, then that settles it. I’ll be sleeping on them. That said, I was going through the pics of peoples’ boards in this thread and it seemed there was a lot of variety that I can’t seem to find :frowning:

Since you mentioned Realforces and a Leopold FC980M, personally I’d recommend going for a FC980C. It’s my personal endgame. The Leopold stock keycaps are some of the best keycaps out there in the market - potentially the best Topre keycaps out there. In my opinion, they put the HHKB’s to shame. And the HHKB’s stock caps are already pretty well regarded


Good sir, you pain me. I fought hard yesterday to not pull out my credit card. I would love having the numpad for games I play (yes, I play games with my hhkb too). I want to ask you then, EC or Silent Red? The cherry board is much cheaper and let’s me put cool caps on it if I want… but I also just want it to be beige eitherway…

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but if you go with the cherry board won’t you miss the oneness with cup rubber?

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honestly, yeah lawl. I wish there was somewhere near me to try out those silent reds. I’ve only ever used MX Blues,Browns,Blacks,Clears and went straight to topre clones and now my hhkb. I wish there was a cheaper way to play with other switches.

I mean, there are files for 980nt plate and PCB out there. Order the 980c and you could get an MX board made and swap between the two if you really wanted


If you really enjoy Topre and wouldn’t want anything else, I think it’s worth saving up for FC980C. But on the other hand, since you already have a HHKB and are looking to try out other switches, a hotswap 1800 layout board might be just the thing you are looking for.

There’s a thread here where a couple of us were recommending 1800 hotswap boards:

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ngl, that fl980 looking kinda thicc

This might be straying a little off the topic sentence, but if you’re interested in a gasket mount aluminum 1800 keyboard:

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straying? never. But I do have something against having a knob on my keyboard. Mostly because I’ve an audio interface with a knob already and I don’t want to have to lift my hands.