Machenike or Akko equivalent(s)

Hello all. I’ve recently been on the hunt for something that appears to be unobtanium in the U.S. and figured I would ask for some advice here.

I found a couple of OEM keyboards that interest me but I can’t find them in the U.S. (a bit hard to find in Google and seemingly not available for purchase in the U.S.)

  • Akko 3098N Black and Gold three-mode hot-swappable
  • Machenike K600-B100W three-mode hot-swappable 100-key (I would prefer this option over their two-mode option that is easier to find)

Here is my short list of what I’m looking for in a (new) mechanical keyboard:

  • Minimum wireless two-mode (2.4ghz wireless/wired USB-C)
  • Hot-swappable switches (3 or 5 pin; no preference)
  • Compact 1800 layout with number pad and extra keys (really want to keep Print Screen)
  • Backlit (white or RGB ok as long as programmable with QMK or VIA)
  • High-profile (has case)

If there are other options in the U.S. similar to these, I am open to suggestions. I have looked at Drop, Akko, Leopold, Cherry, Keychron and several others including barebones/DIY. I know the Drop Shift high-profile was cancelled. That probably would have been my closest first choice although it’s pricey and not wireless. I have also seen a mod for Leopold to make it wireless. I thought about the BM980 pcb and case. I’m not totally opposed to modding or soldering but was looking to have it all in an OEM keyboard without having to mod.

Thanks in advance.


My top recommendation would be the FL-Esports FL980 mechanical keyboard. Based on reviews, it’s basically a wireless hotswap Leopold FC980M. Achieving similar levels of quality with its keyboard case and keycaps. You can get it from Aliexpress which should be U.S-friendly

  • Fantastic build quality - equivalent to Leopold FC980M
  • 3 connectivity options:- USB-C, 2.4Ghz wireless, bluetooth 5.0 (3 devices pairing) → you can connect to 5 devices total
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • 5-pin hotswap PCB
  • Your choice of Kailh box switches
  • Your choice of PBT Doubleshot keycaps (reminiscent of Leopold)
  • Compact 1800 layout with numberpad
  • Programmable with software
  • Per-key RGB
  • High profile case (you don’t see the switches)
  • Includes a silicon mute pad between plate and PCB

It does not have a dedicated PrintSc button but there are options to help you get it:

  1. Use the built-in default function of Fn + I
  2. Remap a key (e.g, Insert) as a dedicated PrintSc
  3. Create a new layer combination – my go-to on 60% boards is Fn + Enter

EDIT: You can check out a review here - FL980 Review - Google Docs


I had seen a wired version of the FL-Esports on Amazon but dismissed it because it was wired. What you have found appears to be the Akko3098N equivalent exactly–Thank you for this link!! It may be that FL-Esports had a partnership. And thanks for the tip on the re-map for PrintSc as well. This is great. Reading up more on the keyboard now.


Wow, this is really quite nice!

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Thanks to the recommendation of @milneraj I got the FL980 from FL Esports. Also based on a lot of reading/research, I ordered Boba U4 Silent tactile switches. I am now on the hunt for (a complete set of orange pbt backlit) keycaps. I installed a set I got from Amazon but you’ll see the set doesn’t have full coverage. The mismatched keys/colors drives me crazy. The contours are off, I still need to figure out PrintScreen (although there is a key combo built in) and the space bar is sticking but it’s a start. So here it is:

There you have it; my work in progress, compact, wireless, led, hot-swappable keyboard. What have I gotten into?! I must say, I thoroughly enjoy the Boba U4 silent tactile switches. If I ever get the keycaps all sorted out, I’ll post final pics. Thanks again to @milneraj for pointing me to the FL980 three-mode. Have to start somewhere, right?


Wow this is fantastic! Glad that you managed to pick up the FL980 - I’m tempted to pick one up myself! I just got some “Unholy U4s” (U4 stems in Halo housings) and am also thinking of a board to put them in :slight_smile:

In terms of the keycaps, the stock ones are in Cherry profile while the orange set you got is in OEM profile, hence the differences in contours. One way to remedy this will be getting a single color shine-through keycap set with compatible modifiers, and use those for a two-tone colorway. Something like the Tai-Hao set I’ve linked below. If you’re not keen on the PBT Oliva Dark keycaps you got there, you might be able to find some luck selling them on the aftermarket (r/mm, ebay, your local discord etc).

It might be a little hard to find a full set of orange shine-through keycaps with 1800 compatibility. The important compatibility points are:

  • 1.75u Right Shift key
  • Three 1u bottom modifiers keys
  • 1u numpad-0 key

But if you’re interested, I managed to find a couple of 1800-compatible orange-themed keycaps:

I’ve recently started using AutoHotKey, which could completely remedy this by remapping an existing key on your keyboard to a PrintScreen command.

; Example: Remap Delete as PrintScreen

; Example: Left Alt + Delete as PrintScreen
  Send PrintScreen

Thanks again for the feedback, info and suggestions. I have managed to find/order an orange backlit pbt set on ETSY that has all the modifiers except for the 1u zero. Once those come in, I’ll post an updated pic.

It has also been suggested I could use a blank keycap for any that don’t work for any given location/row which I’m considering. Finally, I am trying to persuade my son into 3D printing some for me but his plate is full with other priorities. For now, I wait on the modifiers in the mail. :slight_smile:

I may have to reconsider AutoHotKey. I’ve used it before but don’t like that is has to run in the background–would rather have it baked in keyboard firmware. I tried PowerToys (which I didn’t even know was still around) but that too is nothing more than a registry edit. Decisions decisions. Lol.

Really glad to hear that you managed to find and order the orange backlit set that’s to your liking! Looking forward to the pictures :slight_smile:

True about using a blank keycap (or any other 1u keycap) in the same row sculpt as well. 3D printing opens a world of possibilities that you can definitely try out. Perhaps some DIY projects that you and your son can work on together!

Also, after a quick google search, I see that FL980 has some programming software which you can download here: 002-FL980 - Google Drive. I believe you should be able to use it to remap and save the mapping in the keyboard firmware

Thanks. I must be using a different Google, lol. I looked but didn’t find anything (but I was looking through QMK and VIA references maybe). I will certainly take a look at this. I’ll need to make sure it works for the FL980 three-mode vs. the two mode version. I don’t want to brick a brand new keyboard–that took 15 days to have delivered. :slight_smile:

Good point there - definitely don’t want any mishaps or accidental bricking of your brand new keyboard! Well you might also get used to the default keystroke binding for PrintScreen, and then it’ll become muscle memory

Woah. Is there an FC900 / FC750 equivalent of this board?

I posted a “final” pic in the “What’s on your desk today” thread. A couple of the keycaps aren’t in the right spot–but it all matches.

The programming software was only for the two mode so muscle memory it is for the keystroke binding for PrintScreen. I think I only hit “Delete” instead of Fn+I a couple times today. :slight_smile:

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Awesome build! I saw your pick on the thread :slight_smile: I especially like the “><” key as your numpad 0, that was a creative touch! Really happy to hear that you managed to pick up and customize a keyboard to your liking - that’s the best part! Would definitely love to have you around the threads, reading and sharing anything that appeals to you

Glad to hear that muscle memory’s kicking in! Personally I use Snip more frequently with the default Win-Shift-S keystroke

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