Post your Topre boards

Hi! I’m hoping you or anyone with a R2 PFU and 660C can comment on this, but how different (or not) is the 45g typing experience on either of these two boards? I own a 660C 45g silenced and that’s my only experience of Topre so far. Are there significant sound and feel differences to warrant having the Realforce or is it about the same? or is it more that one is TKL and the other is 65-68%?

also if someone can educate, is the R2 PFU the one with MX/Topre sliders? Or is that on a different model. Thanks in advance.

hey, sorry for the late answer. I think my favorite is still the FC660C because of the form factor. Also, it might be because it was my first topre board and I put the most work in modding it.

My FC660C is an older one and I heard that the new ones are a bit different. If I remember the feeling correctly, the unmodified FC660C felt a bit more solid and a bit more smooth than the R2PFU. But that might be because of the form factor and the overall volume of the case.
But, please, take this with a grain of salt, as my FC660C was an unsilenced model, which I extensively modded and I might remember things wrong.
The R2 PFU has Topre sliders (or purple topre sliders if it is the silenced one). The MX/Topre slider one is the Realforce RGB



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My first topre board (45 r2 pfu) and current daily driver alongside my favorite mug :smiley: Definitely takes time to love Topre, first several days I keep going back to MX Browns mainly because the transition period adjusting to the tactility.

Now really loving the feel and sound of the board!


Hi, I’d like to ask for some opinions regarding the Extended-2048 set from Kbdfans:

I was not impressed with the last EC keycap set I got from them a year or two ago: Rather thin PBT, big gap from keycap to keyboard, plus louder and higher-pitched typing sound.

Has the newer 2048 set been any better? I do love the classic Apple legends.
Thanks! Here’s a pic of my weird Topre baby:


Based on the qualities that you’ve brought up, I have to say I don’t think they’ve changed at all. I bought the Stealth EC 2048 set two months ago, and while I enjoy the profile and the texture, the gaps, thin-ness and sound were definitely noticeable for me, and I believe the Stealth is a brand new color and not a restock. I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be the exact same molding.


I agree with dirtegg. While I love the texture and legends on the Stealth 2048 EC caps, i’ve been somewhat disappointed with sound from how thin they are, as well as a decent number of slightly crooked caps :confused:


Oh! While the thinness, sound, and crookedness weren’t ideal, the thing I really couldn’t get used to was the texture of the keycaps. It felt like typing on grip tape.

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@dirtegg @arcticarc @4thebirds
when comparing Stealth 2048 to other BoB Topre cap sets like Leopold or Realforce black caps, which is more legible? stealth looks lighter on the photos.

Wow you weren’t kidding, I opened the 2048 I got last year for my Heavy-9 and it’s crooked alignment galore.


I have this set on my HHKB and I like it a lot. Only complaint is the spacebar isn’t straight and they told me to blow dry it. Which is okay but I haven’t gotten it to be perfectly straight with this method yet…
Caps are pretty thin but the experience of typing on this is good.

Although this isn’t a post featuring my board, I did find Professor Wada’s paper, “Please Pay Attention to the Keyboard Layout” (you’ll need to translate the site).

It’s a pretty neat read. I actually don’t know much about the history of keyboards, so TIL that key arrangements were constantly changing as new computers were released in the 90s and earlier.



Realforce 91UG-S with caps form another Realforce.


Thanks for sharing this! It was a fun read and I found some more interesting stuff on PFU’s site after I read this article!

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This is my HHKB Pro 2, just lubed it last night!


HHKB Hybrid Type S :blush: I swapped out the key caps and it didn’t take long to get used to blanks, would highly recommend if you haven’t tried it already.