Keyboard Storage Solutions

Yea I printed this guys files he made for a keycap tray, I havent populated it yet so idk what the max amount it can support it but it seems to be big enough.

Keycap Case by oriolmachin - Thingiverse (Keycap Tray)
Keycap tray + larger enter key hole + 1 slot box by GG89434 - Thingiverse (This link is just a remix of the tray for ISO support)


Ohh, interesting. Did you mod it at all? Post some pics if you do end up using! :smiley:

Didnt really mod it unless you count slicing it in half so it fit on my printer lolol.

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I dont have any experience with the harbor freight version but the only reason I got the pelican case was because of its measurements. I had to fit a giant Rama u80 in there and that determined how deep I needed a case to be. Pelican is top quality but also much more expensive


I moved into a new apartment across the country and built myself a couple cabinets and a desk. Now I can finally unpack and sort my keyboard things. I also have 2 box shelves to put up on the walls.

Still have to unpack my keyboards into the top drawers and print more switch containers. Everything’s still a mess but it’s getting there…

Also, apparently I have 14 GMK sets


I can’t quite tell from the pics, but did you spring for Baltic Birch on the plywood?!??! In this market?!?! :rofl:

Regardless, nice job!


Thanks! Haha yeah, baltic birch mills nicely and has some of the best consistency and strength. It’s not too bad actually, about $111 a sheet locally, but I did use some leftover that I got for $95/sheet.
Small investment compared to the keyboards :sweat_smile:


Very nice storage solution! This is exactly what I need to do, build myself at least 2 big dressers like that. One for caps & parts & another for KBs. My collection is way to big nowadays & has basically spilled all over my hang out room. I do have things organized but it’s mostly in stacks of boxes which isn’t the most aesthetic solution, & they’re starting to take up too much space.


Thanks! I love seeing collection photos too, if you ever do get that sorted!
My stuff was all in uhaul boxes and a big pelican hardigg case and I couldn’t stand it anymore.
Still have so much sorting to do lol I basically just dumped everything into the drawers. Well, most, I still have like 15 boxes of keycaps to figure out. Wondering which sets to keep in original packaging and which to transfer to the 5 pbtfans trays