List of Cherry-profile keycap sets

Add another newcomer, Shurikey


SRK vs GMK comparison in zFrontier forum!

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Here’s what Domikey Semiconductor looks like:

According to the user:

Yeah Domikey quality is pretty nice and the set looks great. The black keys have a slight sparkle that’s great. The space bar has a rounded front edge that looked like a defect at the start but I think is on purpose and feels good.

Hope someone makes a PBT version of Space Cadet in Cherry profile someday.

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Kono is carrying the Shurikey sets now with Q4 delivery, so only a few months wait.

They claim to be made from new molds with thicker caps and a hidden injection mold tab.

I would give Domikey all my money but no good ABS WoB sets thus far, GMK included, have included 1.5u Super keys for Mac/HHKB layouts. They’ll have them in 1.25, but anyone with a 7u spacebar is out of luck.

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Throwing this question in here as it doesn’t seem important enough for it’s own thread;

Anyone have some insight on ABS Cherry sets that would co-exists well with GMK novelties/40s kits? I only ask because every manufacturers ‘cherry profile’ can have slight differences in height/angle and I don’t want to waste too much money testing different sets out.

Appreciate the help if anyone’s able to give any!


Some nice looking PBT sets from this site. Seen posted on r/mm

Endgame Starts Here | – 21KB

Couple more on their site as well. Might look into copping an Ancient Egyptian set!

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Please do not buy those, they are dyesub caps by someone in china called Xiami that are sold on xianyu for 20$. These guys are just reselling for triple the price (obviously incl ship but still 60 $). If you just search saw/any set name you will find the guy on the xianyu app.


Oof, noted!

Haha, they’re using the NCR-80 for some of the product shots:

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