Mill Max on a prebuild... Won't it bulge the case?

hi, im thinking about desoldering a prebuild and make it hot swappable.

quickly looking thru many infos online, it looks like holtite is no longer manufactured, so mill max is the way to go.
According to this image, the mill max will make the switches sit higher than before. The two tiny feet on the LED side of the switch will no longer rest on the pcb. Doesn’t this sound like wobble and noise waiting to happen?
Also, this means there will be a bigger gap between pcb and the metal plate. Are prebuild case okay with the extra height?
I have a fullsize ducky one 2 that I plan to try my luck with this mod. Is this a good candidate or is there another readily available fullsize keyboard that will be easier to do this mod on? (beside keychron c2)
Any advice welcome. thanks


I mean the plate is the stabilising factor here, so no, not really. Especially 7305 don’t protrude farther than the switch pins would, so if your board has ~0.4mm of space (the height of the sockets’s lip) to spare it should be fine. Depends on the type of mount though, I don’t know how Ducky does it.

I don’t really have a lot of constructive advice, but check out this image of Mill Max 3305 vs 7305. Source of pic is here in a r/mk thread about 7305, 0305 and Holtite.

Comparing the comparison pics seems like 3305 is pretty darn close to Holtites.


You will be fine to do it on a ducky. I have done it with milmax and holtites on TKL model, holtites for but were very light in this case I would recommend mill max. Most Ducky PCBs l fit 5 pin switches too.

Helpful ducky Dissembly post

Do you think there will be a 3305 group buy soon?

Here are some holtite (or holtite style?) sockets:

None that I’m aware of, but I don’t think there’s harm in suggesting a run to those that have ran 7305 and 0305 in the past.

In my experience, no, because all switches are (slightly) elevated like this while being held in place /equalized by the plate.

However, depending on the socket, the legs stick out of the bottom of the PCB and will have clearance issues in the south side. I had to trim them off in order to allow the case to snap back.

Oh I just remembered this issue i had. At the end i attributed the wobble to the switches being ever so slightly higher than the stabilizers. Something to consider.

Btw I’ve found that a heavy switch or one with a pronounced bump (i used Bobas) counteracts this wiggle a bit, in the spacebar at least. My reasoning is that they don’t allow that unintentional, non-actuation <1mm depression, which, even when slight, translates to annoying movement on either ends on the stabs.

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MKULTRA has 3305 in stock last I saw. Mill-Max 3305 Sockets

I believe MechboardsUK will have new stock of 3305 next week, they hold stock of 0305 and 7305 currently. KeyCroxUK may be getting some soon too, I think both other international shipping