PGA Profile Keycaps

PGA Sparta

Saw these guys on KBDFans today; another deep-scooped high-pro spherical profile is on the scene. One more in a long line of manufacturer’s taking their own whack at “SA, but better” - though it also looks like these caps could have a lot going for them.

It looks like PGA is a hair shorter than SA, with much deeper scoops on top. I’d love to see a photo comparing these with MT3 and MG.

Do you love the shape of MT3 but can’t stand the condensed typeface on the keys? Wanted a set of MG but it didn’t hit MOQ? Well - these might be worth a look. Personally, I’m not crazy about the overall colorway of this particular set, but I do see lots of potential here.

Unlike lots of new / upcoming products on KBDFans, most of the images here are photos rather than renders (complete with dust) - so there’s reasonable expectation the caps you get will look like the pictures.

Speaking of those pictures - it looks like these caps are not only super thicc, but competently produced with crisp, consistent, bold legends. The cap surface is an un-textured semi-gloss, not too unlike SP SA.

Assuming the QC of delivered sets is as good as the one photographed, these appear to be a worthy addition to the ever-growing list of quality new (if retro-inspired) profiles.


Big Question:

What does PGA stand for?


I recently got an MT3 set and I did wish it didn’t have such a condensed typeface. PGA looks like a great compromise between MT3 and SA. I hope they make more sets with bolder colors.

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Like golf or something


Instant purchase. Thanks for pointing these out


Oh I really dig those. Melgeek also has a “SA/MT3” competitor profile too if I recall.

Either way, I prefer the high profile caps (he says as he types on OEM caps)

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Nice. Looking forward to reviews on this keycap profile.

I personally would like to see more profiles like this with one change: deep-dished SDF and JKL, not just F and J.

Those are looking super nice!!!

Yep - they call it MG. From what I hear it’s between SA and MT3 in a lot of ways like how deep the scoops are, and how tall the caps are, and what they sound like. They have a non-textured surface like these PGA ones do.

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Unfortunately these have the same drawback as SA (to me anyways), the sculpt is designed to be placed on a flat board (i.e. the home row surface is parallel to the desk). As soon as you use them on a board with an angle, the home row has a forward slope that is all kinds of uncomfortable (again for me). That’s mostly why I can’t compare these to MT3.


Didn’t know SA profile feels better on a flat board. Just tried a few keys like that and it felt much more comfortable. Very cool. Gonna try building a full flat-bed board soon. Thx for the useful insight!


I’m more interested in that “KLK” profile from the picture, they look like cherry height SA caps, is there much info on those?


Found this IC on Geekhack for KLK keycaps, and it has the heights listed in the comparison. @Manofinterests looks like the manufacturer name is PG Peripherals: My guess is the “A” in PGA is to draw similarities to SA.

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They look like a DSS copy to me (which I’ve really been enjoying recently).

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That’s just so odd considering SA does actually stand for something

Spherical Touch
All Rows

edit: for people curious;


The colorway is a bit odd here, but the profile looks decent. Of course the devil is in the details… and the QC

I’m always a fan of scoopy, tall keycaps.

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All rows


what about XDA

XD (for :laughing:)
A for “anything”

As in, LOL you’ll buy anything!