Post Your Keyboards!

It’s starting to get cold out, which means it’s time for me to swap the alphas on my camping-themed board back to full-out GMK Camping.

I keep the tan U9 alphas from GMK Coniferous on this board through most of the year because I associate that color with camping more than the eggshell white of GMK Camping (probably because it’s closer to the color of my old boyscout uniform), but I like swapping in the camping alphas once winter comes around. I don’t really do a lot of camping in the dead of winter, and it doesn’t really snow much in my corner of the world even if I did, but this really gives me vibes of waking up and getting out of my tent to an inch of fresh snow.

  • Sky Blue Bakeneko60 from Cannon Keys
  • Steezy60 Alps PCB from Keebmeup
  • Salmon Alps
  • Vintage AEK keycaps
  • Lots of jank mods to make the o-ring work properly :slight_smile:

I call it BakenAEKo


That’s really nice looking. What do you think about salmon alps?

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I like click alps the best. Tactile alps aren’t that much quieter, even when clean. This was a good batch of Salmon Alps and I am not in love with them. They are a good tactile, but Alps always has me expecting more (perhaps due to the hype). I should have used my Blue or Amber Alps for this build.


I know what you mean. I felt that way with my salmons and blues. I actually prefer pine whites over them. Probably a spring weight thing. Anyway, looks great

Did you have to come up with a solution for removing the board? I am trying to make a Fakeneko as well and since I’m not using the standard plate and PCB I need to figure out how to remove the board.

I use the Allen wrench that came with the bakeneko. I hook it under the plate where the cut out are for the side screws.

Small little collection update today on the rare occurrence where all of them are in one place. Hopefully a couple of these will get norbauer housings soon Excuse my crappy photography.


My best friend asked me to make him a custom but gave me a bugdget of only $150 :sweat: So I bought the Monoprice keyboard, a cheap, not that great keyboard and turned it into this gem:





Love the custom badges!


So good!


Awesome build, I hope your buddy loves it! To me this is the peak of the hobby. Sure it’s a great feeling getting a true custom & building it, but for me projects like these feel far more satisfying!



  • GMK Prepress keycaps
  • Smoky clear case from R2
  • R1 CNC-cut polycarb plate
  • KBDfans polycarb PCB-mount stabs
  • YD67BLE bluetooth PCB
  • 1900mAh lithium-polymer battery
  • Nixdork Boba LT switches

This keeb tends to show up more in the “desk today” thread thanks to my swapping bits around on it all the time, but I think the build has more or less “arrived” in terms of the configuration I’ll be using for the foreseeable future: this is my daily work keeb.

I may or may not move to different switches depending on how many other people I end up sharing this office with and how close they sit - but as far as aesthetics and layout go, this is basically the perfect work keeb for me.

  • The keyset is literally named after my job title
  • The keyset designer absolutely nailed the theme; this is better than exactly what I was looking for in a CMYK set to use at my printing industry job
  • The smoky clear case goes really well with the grey of the set
  • The bluetooth makes it effortless to bounce between my workstation and other devices like the phone I’m using to make this post from work >.>
  • Hotswap means I can have silent switches when I need them, and clack it up when I don’t
  • It’s small and light enough to be easily portable and be friendly to my small shoulder-span, but heavy and sure-footed enough to stay put on the desk

The only things about this keeb I would change if I could:

  • I’d add a physical power switch for the bluetooth module;

    it has a “bag mode” but I’ve had a little trouble figuring out exactly how to work with it. I’m now in the habit of turning bluetooth off on my phone when placing this keeb in the bag after getting locked-out of the device for half an hour; the keyboard had been butt-dialing the password screen enough for that to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I would add a slight bevel to the seams between the top and bottom half to help them feel more resolved and intentional.


So, you’re @Deadeye which makes me pretty confident you’ve already tried these things, but I felt like I should kick it your way just in case. Yang has some decent documentation for here.

From that, on the BLE page, I found this information regarding power saving. Seems like using the. “lock mode” button will put it into a deep sleep and disable the BLE. You have to hit F and J together to bring it out of this mode.

And fwiw, the lock mode button I believe he’s referencing.

Still, no substitute for a physical switch.


Aha. I think that’s what I was missing. I was confusing the Lock Mode function with power-saving mode; I thought I was telling my keeb to go to “deep sleep” but what I was actually doing was telling it “don’t bother saving power” - derp. Thank you!


Speaking of those badges, what were they made of and how were they printed?

They are brass plates that I cut out with a Dremel. I designed the logos/text and then printed them out on transparent sticker paper and laid on top. Then sprayed some clearcoat on top for durability. I cut a 1x1 hole in the top so the square badge would be inset.


Wow, great result !

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