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Put JTK emerald on my Sangeo65



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To celebrate two weeks until Tears of the Kingdom, we have double the adventure! DMK Adventurer on my Sagittarius in the front and a Tiger Lite I’m building for a friend in the back.

I’m a little too lazy to convert my caps/control to non-stepped so I will have an all brown left mod cluster.

This is my second DMK set (have Double Chip) and this one seems considerably nicer. The texture is, I think, inferior to that of a GMK set but it otherwise compares favorably. There’s something about tripleshot that just calls out to me. Downside: it’s as expensive if not more expensive than a GMK set. I love Zelda though and prefer this set to Hero for the brighter colors.


Never sure where to post. This was on my workbench for the past 2 days, and now it’s on my desktop. But here are some Instagram photos of my Phoenix TKL:

Another one of those builds that surprised me. This board is a bit airy, both on the light side in weight (because I got the aluminum base), and in acoustics. It seems to want to accentuate higher pitched sounds. I added a small amount of tape on the interior for force break, but I wanted to work with what the board had to offer and not change it too much. Also, this is a gasket mounted polycarbonate plate, so it’s rather flexy and absorbs a lot of the keypress.

I tried EVERYTHING in this and wasn’t happy. We’re talking a solid 4 hours of dry fitting switches and test typing. However, I knew I was getting closer with each new switch. I was ruling out what did NOT work. I finally figured out two things… the switch needed to be a bit on the light side, and it needed to have a good bottom-out. A heavy switch or an over-lubed switch would get completely absorbed in this case. It would sound dead.

Long story short… Penguin tactile switches. This case absolutely sings with them. It’s a perfect match. And I always love to pair DCS or DSS with light tactile switches, so that’s how I came up with this build. I love it.


That is a really great looking build! Keycaps look great with the silver.

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I love Penguin tactiles. When I originally got them I was into heavier tactiles so didn’t enjoy them, then about a year later I put them in my Hidari and the are one of my favorite switches to type on.

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Starting to feel like DJ Khaled at this point:

Here’s the instagram link to my Day Off 60 build that I finished today:

Also, screw these QMX stabilizers. I’m really glad I’ve only used them on hotswap boards. I kinda hate them. :rofl:


It’s been months since I’ve seen a 60 that speaks to me, and I’ve seen two today. Way too cool.

Me too :man_shrugging: I mean hey points to GMK for trying new things, they can’t all be winners - but yeah - those stayed on my board less than a full hour of use-time. Maybe I haven’t found the right use-case for them - maybe they just aren’t what I like - not sure yet, but kinda leaning towards the latter.


Exactly. Won’t be picking these up again… I even went the route of popping the stem out and lubing them as usual, but still ended up with clearance issues on plates leading to slow return.

Just going to stick with Staebies or TX going forward. :+1: :+1:

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Sloth on Slag


Really feeling the NicePBT F-Basic. Featured today on an S46 Bluetooth 40% keyboard.


A numpad for my G75mini!

This was supposed to match the G75mini but I had these made at different times so color matching is not so good :sweat_smile:


Love that pattern on the bottom

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