Post Your Keyboards!

Damn clean. The cable, keycaps, case, brass badge… so much :ok_hand:.

That’s one helluva build! Switches?

Any build log avail? :eyes:


Holy red pandas in the BT PCB and thinking about building the second PCB but we’ll see.

As for build log I’m still putting that together. I’m so bad at actually documenting my work but this one was kinda fun with the battery being part of it!


Really beautiful job. Classic/classy build.

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It is georgous!

I never saw that keyboard before, is it your own design?

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No, it’s a CA66 from R2. It’s possible some extras may be available once they all ship out and any damages are replaced. GB was hosted on Geekhack and sold through Play Keyboards store.

Ok, thanks for the information.

I really like the case design :slight_smile:

That combo is pure sex.

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This makes me even more sad that I cannot build my CA66 yet :frowning:

Aw, why not? Bad PCB or just hasn’t shipped yet?

lots of defects on the case


Really nice, what’s the case ?

Thank you, it is a Tokyo60 R1

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Thanks for the picture, I just bought that exact case.

13 Likes, lubed and spring swapped Outemu Sky with clear tops, DSA Granite

Converted this guy over to QMK a few days ago.



very cool

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I like what i see

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Very nice. Stunning.

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