Post Your Keyboards!

My sister has that same SMEG toaster in pink. :grin:

Dang it, now I’m really tempted to get one of the extras that Drop has for sale now. Even knowing about the issues, this is a very unique keyboard. I think I can resist, since I really like my boards to have arrow keys, but…

I bought my sister a pink SMEG toaster too!
The only issue I have with the board is the two case screws being semi-visible from the front. Otherwise I love the board!

Feel free to share what it sounds like. Looks awesome!

Haha, will do :slight_smile: I have a video on my channel of the previous build, don’t have it on my phone anymore but a comparison just by opening both video’s should be fairly easy :slight_smile:

Nice job matching the switches!

Finally done, my Filco with a metal case :blush:


Looks great!

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1st finished keeb :slight_smile:

KPrepublic HHKB case
Boardwalk PCB with MillMax hotswap sockets
Kailh Speed Pinks (clickbar)
Zilents V2 62g for thumb keys & mods (probably temporary)
Novelkeys x Kailh Speed Navy Thick Clicks for all the function and command keys
PBT DSA 2049 katakana with a few custom 1.5u keys (different font and shade ): )

The layout is loosely based on esrille’s New Stickney layout So far this is just for looks although I do plan to add a new stickney layer when I get to it.


Finally finished this weirdo build. using a case from @keyboardbelle and a custom POM plate on a DDMilli let me use the nice Devlin QS caps I had salvaged.


A bunch of my keyboards where I’m especially happy with the combination of keycaps and keyboard:

SA Vilebloom with Kailh Box Royals on Zlant:

XDA Scrabble with Cherry MX Silent Reds on Vortex Race 3:

Tai-Hao OEM PBT Orange + Black with Cherry MX Clears and QMX clips on Ducky One TKL (my daily driver at home):

GMK Paperwork with Zealios v2 on MiniVan Catalyst:

(This is admittedly a rather uncreative and probably quite common combination since both are from TheVanKeyboards and the combination was already displayed in the GMK Paperwork renderings. But I still consider the light grey from the aluminium case very fitting with GMK Paperwork’s base colors.)


Thanks for that picture! Was already wondering how well GMK Paperwork works with the BM43a. I also already noticed that GMK Paperwork has no 2u Shift, but mostly because I recently toyed around with KLE and then checked my design for GMK Paperwork compatibility. In the end I replaced the 2u right Shift with 2x 1u keys to achieve compatibilty.

BTW, what case color is this BM43a? The front looks more like orange, the back more like pink.

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I didn’t even think of swapping to two 1u’s, that sounds like a good idea to me, maybe I’ll do that. The color is supposedly rose gold, but in real life it’s more like hot pink. The pic just looks orange from shitty lighting.

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That is amazing. The colors REALLY work well together.


ISO :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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At least someone who actually likes my shots for that and not the other way around :smile:

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Just got this back from the cerakote shop. Loving the look of this color!