Post Your Keyboards!

Nice. After building one (Canoe) myself recently, I’ve really grown to appreciate yellow keyboards. Can’t wait for Mt3 Serika!

So, I took the SA profile caps off of the Rocketeer, and am really liking it now with some Cherry profile ePBT blanks. Manged to tie my personal best of 145 wpm with this setup. These will live on this board until I get a GMK set I want on here instead.

I think GMK Nautilus Nightmares would be near perfect on the Rocketeer when that finally hits GB.


Nautilus Nightmares would pair really well with the Rocketeer!


Hmm I don’t think it would actually. The case is a pretty muted green and has a lot more blue in it than nightmares seems to have. But it’s always worth a try!

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You may be right, I’d have to look at the two next to each other to really say. I was going off memory & thought NN had a similar muted blueish green.

One of the original brass Koalas. I’ve been told they were made in low quantities (I’ve heard different numbers, between 5-8) as a prototype run before the standard Koala. I’d be super interested in any other information anybody has! Pictured with a Cherry G81-3000SAT keyset mixed with a G81-3100SDU keyset and a Cherry LED from the G80-2000HAD.

I tried to keep these as colour-accurate as I could but the ano on this board really likes to give off a blue tint under a flash, while it’s usually a solid grey. Sorry for any inconsistencies :blush:

I couldn’t resist…

There’s a few more photos on my Flickr.


Man, that’s insane, i’m jealous !


epbt grayscale right? There’s just something in this set that makes me feel calm when I see it.

Yes, ePBT Grayscale is right :slight_smile:

Kind wish I had GMK Muted but this way I at least have my ISO-DE ^^

Muted R2 with NorDeUk would be so nice

Muted R2 in generail… but with Jchan being the owner of that colorway I don’t see it happening anytime soon

Coffee anyone?
Norbatouch Console + GMK


Recently had my Revo Kmini upgraded from the “stock” alu plate to a poly one. Sounds and feels 100x better. So, here’s a nude :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmm that’s tasty!


There is a GMK Mint/Chocolate set I use on my work board that I feel would be a close color match.

Mercury Rocketeer with YOK Mint Holy Pandas


That’s really awesome. Love it.

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To be honest, this is the first picture of the board that I’ve really loved it in. Thematically just a really cool shot with mid century vibes.

Been wanting to get some stuff from Smeg for our house. Great looking stuff.

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