Post your Topre boards

I am going to say its a very dark burgundy / brown.

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Realforce 91 Case
Carbon fiber Plate
Novatouch slider and housing
45g Domes
GMK Muted 2


That is super clean, love the setup! Not sure why RF got away from this style of cases, easily my favorite out of the RF TKLs!


The little blue RF logo was so clean too

I finally finished my Topre 23U with the Norbauer Polycarbonate Datapad.

Being a B-graded item, the back plate wasn’t finished so I decided to machine turn it to give it an interesting finish. I should probably clear coat that, but for now I’m not too worried about scratching.

I manually did this on a drill press so alignment isn’t perfect, but the overall effect is good.

Finally, here’s the inner workings. Plenty of room inside this case means I was able to use @Dave’s daughterboard, the OEM PCB and backpack, and a little LED controller called a PixelBlaze. The PixelBlaze drives the eight LEDs and is overkill here, but at least matches with my PC TKL case.


@Extra_Fox i could see folks wanting that customization on their back plates. well done!


That looks great!

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Wishing @Kiko all the best in his artisan/Topre cap journey.

Here are Amano Studio prototype OEM Topre stem keycaps in the Miami “Neon” colorway.

Neon for UV-reactive pigment.


Sho S60 PC HHKB housing (Pro 2 compatibility)
@Cipulot EC Pro 2 PCB + controller
OEM Topre 1u, 2u, spacebar from RF, Des silencing rings #5


My latest experiments in making non-metal enclosures for EC PCBs by @Cipulot

This is the first assembled prototype made from engineered stone. The surface is very strong, durable and sounds great. Other materials include resins like polyurethane and epoxy; more on this soon. The design is an homage to @norbauer 's great work and contributions to the Topre community.

I plan to have a write-up of the whole project, after I’m done tweaking the formula and cast a few additional colors.

Thank you and have a great week.


Looking forward to more explanation. Looks very promising! So is this a 3d printed mold with a cast material? You say engineered stone, but I see layer lines on the back.

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Just quick… Indeed, the master was 3D printed. The outer surface was sanded and primed. Then a silicone mold was cast from it. Of course, the journey was a bit more involved :joy:


Actually, if you’re really curious, you can follow up every detail on my Discord server @pixelpusher

Been swamped at work this week, so it may take a while to look through all the images and do a write-up.