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Long time follower; first time poster (to this thread :wink:)!!

Finally finished the Class60!

I went with the stock sliders, housings, and springs, but gave them a complete makeover before even installing them:

  • The stems were polished and then coated with dry lube.
  • The housings were also “port polished” and then treated to a coat of dry lube and then the corner rails were lubed with Tribosys 3203.
  • The springs were coated in a mixture of Tribosys 3203 and GPL105.
  • The PCB was also treated with a coated of dry lube and a very thin mixture of the 3203/105 coating I used on the spring.
  • The housings were installed into the Aluminum plate with plate housing gaskets from Unreal Keyboards.
  • The stems had poron silencing rings from Densus Designs installed between them and the housings.
  • Finally, I went with the 55g domes from Densus Designs.

It’s a bit of a different typing experience for me, but I do like the feel and get the appeal. If I had to compare the feeling and sound to an MX switch, I would have to say they sound like the LICHICX Lucy switches, but with a mild tactile bump.

The sound is completely office and spouse friendly, before you turn on the buzzer and clicker options.

This EC kit also allowed me to use plate mount MX style stabilizers. I opted to go with the TX AP versions as I have enjoyed their screw-in PCB mount offerings as well.

The keycaps are JTK HSA White on Black.

The build was easier than I was anticipating, but intricate enough that it left me hungry for more. :+1::+1:

Next one on the docket is the Monokei Kei V2 65%!!


Lovely build and photos

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I’ve always wondered which one feels better to the touch. What is your ranking?

As promised, here is the Monokei Kei V2 65%

…in raw aluminum!!!

I went the same route with polishing the sliders and housings as well as the stabs and wires. This time, I went with the complete Densus Design EC package and used their housings, sliders, domes, springs, and 2U kits.

For the spacebar, it wanted plate mount, so I used my last TX plate mount stabilizer and snagged a spare 7U wire and worked my magic.

I decided to only use the plate housing gaskets this time and not use any silencing rings, as well as no foam. I’m glad I did as it sounds and feels more precise than the Class60.

I also decided to try out the different dome weights according to how I touch type and I gotta say, it’s really not bad at all. I could see myself typing on this thing all day with zero issues.

Did I also mention it’s Bluetooth???:+1::+1::+1:


That’s really nice!

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Happy Topre thursday


I always prefer smoother finish of the anodized version. but the texture of the powder coats does look better hahah


FC660C - Heavy-6 Aperture case, EC660 pcb/daughterboard, brass plate, stock caps.
Realforce 87u - Cipulot’s RF 8-9Xu R1 pcb, deskeys MX stem swap, MT3 Susuwatari caps.
Realforce 91u - Cipulot’s RF 8-9Xu R1 pcb, stock stabs/stems/etc, 2048 Extended EC caps.



How’s your experience with it so far, especially the spacebar? I wanted to pick up a WKL EC 60% and the kei V2 looks perfect!

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I am a big 7u enjoyer and the Class60 feels great. Both EC PCBs allow for standard MX plate-mount stabs. The TX AP plate-mount stabs are what I went with on both. I can heartily recommend them.

Both are using 55g domes from Densus Design and both had the sliders and stems polished. The slider in the Class60’s spacebar has a poron dampening ring, and both are using plate housing gaskets fron Unreal.

I dig both, but may end removing the dampening rings on the Class60. :+1::+1:


nay, moar



Where did you bought them ?

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i have used the clear version with topre black sliders. i felt that they were okay/i have not tried it with any other style of slider.

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I’ll likely be using stock sliders from an 87u; will report back on fitment. (also yea, that link from @insolentpotato is the one)


Definite lack of Sho HG’s in here!

CF plate with all OEM housings, stabs etc. Just upgraded to Cipulot’s EC Pro X, and the thing is looovely :heart_eyes:


EC Calla TKL


How do you like the CF plate?

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so sleeeeek. /swoon

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Really like it! It was a bit of a faff to put together - has all these tiny screws and standoffs, I think about 54 in total. I didn’t realise that was not necessary for the steel/brass plate.
I’ve not done a direct comparison, but I like to think that it’s a tad less stiff and maybe slightly deeper sound than the steel/brass? Defo recommend though!