Post your Topre boards

Reporting back on AliEx 1u housings: they seem to fit fine, no major fitment issues to speak of.


Got my s60 HG yesterday. Built with a CF plate and Des V3 Blue. I really like these domes, probably my favorite so far that I’ve tried from Des (I wish it was slightly lighter)


How slight? Des v3 purple are 49g (7g lighter than blue), and feel fairly similar tactility-wise. May be worth checking out if you’re looking for a midpoint between OEM 45g and the 56g Des v3 blue.

I decided to go a little heavier this time around since I thought the carrot 49g domes were too light. Maybe the purple v3 would be the one I’m looking for.

20+ year old HHKB Professional sleeper modded with all the bells and whistles.