RAMA WORKS U80-A SEQ2 now available for pre-order!

I think it’s the Soya!

Sage is kinda good but I hope they can have renders with diff keysets to give buyers an idea of how the colour could look like.

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Almost 100% sure it does.

it does come with the feet.
It doesn’t come with the extra internal weight and internal dampener i believe.

These are the two I’m going between as well. In my head Soya seems like it would go well with many OG themed keycaps like classic beige, 9009, OG doubleshots, etc.

hey Goguma, did you purchase extra PCB with your U80?

Always purchase an additional PCB for the peace of mind that should your original PCB ever fail, you have a back-up one to use.

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nope, I’ll be buying one this time around though

How likely is this though? Not only in general (my non-premium prebuilt still working well, certainly not an exception either), but especially in a premium product?

Likely unlikely with a lot of boards that come with ESD protection, but it’s just for for the peace of mind when–and if–something goes wrong; or when you decide to sell your keyboard. Having an extra PCB would just retain the value of your board. You can always sell the PCB to someone else who’s in need on of as well. I think it’s a worthwhile investment that if you’re willing to drop $500 on a board, dropping another $50-80 for an extra PCB would just be like insurance. YMMV, of course.

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I’ll get one hotswap and one solderable PCB, just to be on the safe side and to increase resell value if I happen to not like it (not very likely). It’s a “just in case” thingy.

thats actually what im doing too and for the same reasons. =D
Debating on the internal weight and/or dampener right now.

Dampener for me :slight_smile:

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Don’t get the internal weight, my board is so heavy with it. Wish I got the dampener instead.

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I’ll add one to my order then. =D thanks for your inputs.

haha! okie, for insurance sake right? I was initially thinking maybe skip the extra pcb but saw that their spare pcb option for round 1 was “sold out”, and kinda worry that extra PCB is not an instock item. Yeah so gonna get the extra one for myself too.

Soya U80!

yeah agree on this!

So, I’ve pulled the trigger on the following:

  • hotswap U80-A Moon
  • internal dampener
  • additional solderable PCB
  • additional brass plate

I went with additional brass plate because Moon U80 comes with alu plate…

Now the waiting game begins… :smiley:


So, I’ve pulled the trigger on the following:

  1. U80-Soya (colour can match well with quite a lot of keysets, has brass weight and plate which I liked)
  2. Internal Dampener
  3. Additional Hotswap PCB

Now let the waiting begin! See you U80 Soya in Dec 2021 :stuck_out_tongue:



  • U80-Soya
  • Internal Dampener
  • Internal Weight
  • Starter Kit
  • Rubber Feet
  • Extra Hot-swappable PCB

Thinking I’ll use the hot-swap pcb until I’m certain of the distribution of switches I want, and then solder them in. Also not sure if I want the dampener or the weight so ordered both. Yes, expensive but I haven’t bought a keyboard in a long time (all hand built stuff lately) so figured I was worth it ;-))

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Love these so much but Q3 2021 is preventing me from entering. Such a long wait :frowning: